What We Do

» TPR is a resource for those who wish to place and/or retrain retiring Thoroughbred racehorses. We counsel, consult and teach others how to successfully transition, retrain and find homes for them. We help race trainers and owners find new homes and lives for their retiring or retired Thoroughbred racehorses. TPR strives to improve the reputation of the Thoroughbred by providing correct information about this wonderful breed. Kimberly Clark, the founder of TPR has written a book, “New Track, New Life: A Guide to Understanding and Re-Training Your Off-Track Thoroughbred,” to promote correct training principles through better understanding of ex-racers, this book is available for free download to the public TPR offers a clinic series  at the farm to teach horsemen how to better understand and train retired Thoroughbred racehorses using hands-on methods.

» We create breed ambassadors in each TPR Graduate. Each TPR Graduate serves as an ambassador for not only the TPR Retraining Program, but for all retired racehorses. We place many retiring racers into high level competitive homes which increases visibility for Thoroughbreds and the TPR training program. TPR training techniques are proactive, using the horse’s previous experience as a springboard to teach them to integrate into a new life outside of racing.  On average 35 retired racers complete a full retraining program at Leighton Farm.  Many enjoy healing and rehabilitation from injury and a rest period before training begins.  We rehome many more from our foster facilities and through assisted placements.  TPR hopes to continue this rate of success in the coming years.

» Help Thoroughbred racing participants to embrace Responsible Racehorse Retirement as a core principle. On average, 30,000 Thoroughbreds are bred in the U.S. each year for the purpose of racing.  Most of them will never win even one race with the majority of them retiring from racing by the age of 5.  Each one is born needing a safe, sound retirement plan.