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Adopt! Find Your Next Partner.

Are you looking for your next equine partner?  If you’ve never considered a Thoroughbred, maybe you should.  Thoroughbreds are bred to be athletes and are found in almost every equine discipline.  In addition to being superior athletes, they are generous, kind and sensitive.  Not only are they great for athletic endeavors such as jumping, dressage, eventing and endurance, they make great family members and partners.

Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works directly with race trainers and owners to help them place or sell their retiring racehorses.  Available horses are separated into categories.  On Track, Off Track, Looking For a Home and Assisted Placements.

On Track Horses are still located at a racetrack or training center. The decision to retire them has just been made. Many times they are no longer in training, they are just waiting to find a new home. On Track horses must be let down before beginning their new career. Refer to the Retraining Guide for more information on that.

Off Track Horses are located on a farm. Some have only been rested.  Others are in various stages of retraining from hacking about to competing and everything in between.

Looking for a Home horses are available for adoption to a good home. They can be located on a farm or at the track. Some have injuries or imperfections that make it necessary to give them away and others are just in need of a home quickly. With training fees at the track averaging $100 per day plus expenses, its no mystery why a trainer would choose to give a horse away rather than sell it for a few thousand dollars. I connect you directly with the owner or trainer and the two of you then work out the details.

Assisted Placements can be On Track, Off Track or Looking for a Home.  TPR or one of it’s fosters does not have possession of the horse and what we are doing is assisting the trainer or owner in finding the horse a new home.  While we would like to take possession of every horse, budget constraints prevent this and we feel we must help any horse we possibly can.

The trainers or owners with horses that are being sold are asked to donate 10% of the sale price to TPR, Inc. This money goes to helping to fund this program. The horses on the Looking for a Home page are in essence free to a good home. We do not charge an adoption fee at this time. The goal is to make this as easy and smooth a process as possible. 80% of the horses placed are free to a good home and we do ask that you make a $300 donation to TPR, Inc. if you get a horse through the site. This money will help cover expenses. Otherwise the program can’t continue.  We do require adopters to sign an adoption contract.  It protects both the horse and the original owner and trainer.  Click Here to download it.

Get Qualified to Adopt!  We want to keep this simple and easy so it’s not difficult to get qualified.  Just fill out the application and submit it to qualify@goodhorse.orgClick Here to download the reference application.   Click here to download Adobe, it’s free.  We will contact you with the outcome and if qualified you will receive a Confirmation number signifying you have completed the application and been approved.