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Looking for a Home

Any horse that's posted here are free to a good home.  We do ask that you make a donation of $300 to keep the program alive.  They are not being offered for racing.  Their racing careers have ended and they are looking for their next life.  Please take a look at our horses who are Off Track or still On Track as well.

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     Flashy is a beautiful 6 year old mare who stands 16 hands tall.  This intelligent horse is sound with no prior injuries and no vices.  Flashy has raced just 18 times and although she did win 2 races, her owner feels that her talent lies elsewhere! 

     Flashy definitely displays athleticism and energy along with the desire to please and do what her human asks.   She is well mannered under saddle and also on the ground.  She is an easy keeper and she travels well also.






     Flashy has been turned out at the farm each winter and gets along well with the other horses.  She last raced on 12/21 and is ready to move onto a new career at this time. 

     She is current on all her health needs and is shiny with dapples blooming, a lovely rich chestnut coat!  She is a WV bred by Bop out of a Pine Bluff mare.  

She is currently located at Bowie Training Center in Bowie, Md, and offered to an excellent home.  Please contact me for more information.


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     Carson is a 7 year old gelding, 16.2 hands and described by his owner as “a horse with a packer mentality, happy to tote you around on trails!”  Carson retired from racing in July 2013 and was doing well in lower level dressage and starting to jump.  He is a very nice mover! 

     He recently injured himself and has a small fracture in his pastern which is healing nicely, please note.  It seems as though Carson will be best suited for pleasure riding and he certainly can provide an owner with that.  






     Carson will need a few more months of either stall rest or small paddock turn out to ensure that fracture is completely healed.  He has no vices and is just an easy going, friendly boy!

  Carson is happy to ship anywhere and happily  turns out with mares, geldings or alone.  He was bred in WV where he raced for most of his 34 race career with 2 wins.  He is by Cowboy Carson out of a Septieme Ciel mare. 

Carson is residing in Purcellville, Va where he can be seen.  Please contact me for more info on this horse. 




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Twin is a lovely 4 year old filly, 16 hands and has such a gorgeous liver chestnut coloring!  Despite not being in training, Twin showed her great brain and easy going disposition as she walked outside for her photo shoot.  She was cool and calm, very friendly when approached, and looking to please those around her.  She never put a foot wrong. 

Twin has raced just 10 times with 5 good efforts, but after her last race on 1/23, xrays revealed some small knee chips.  The decision was made to retire Twin and focus on moving her to a new, less stressful career.  She is sound, her knees are cold and she is ready to be turned out , ridden and to enjoy boing a horse again!





Twin has no vices although she adores peppermints and becomes animated at the very sound of a wrapper crinkling!  She is very nice to work with both on the ground and under saddle.  She is also an easy keeper, gets along well with others (no mare-ish behaviors!), and an all around good citizen. 

 Twin was bred in South Carolina and is by the stallion Ride The Storm out of a Kokand mare. 

She is currently residing at Laurel Park Racetrack, in Laurel, Maryland.  Please contact me for more information on this horse.




Click here to see her pedigree.


Veda is a beautiful 3 year old filly and what a sweetheart she is! 

She stands a shade under 16 hands but is still growing. 

She was a tiny thing when she first arrived at the farm and 6 months later, she has bloomed into a really nice looking horse! 

Veda has no vices and just draws you in with her kind eyes.  She loves to be loved on and is very personable.  She has only been out by herself so far but seems to get along well with the other horses around her.  Not a mare-ish girl at all! 

Veda never raced and was retired due to a fracture in her knee.  She has had more than the needed time for this injury to heal and looks great, is completely sound now.  She is starting to be turned out but has been hit or miss with this crazy weather late





Veda is a Kentucky bred by El Corredor  out of a French Deputy mare. 

She is currently residing in West River, Maryland. 

Please contact me for more information about this horse.






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Woody is a 4 year old gelding, 16.1 hands and tons of potential!  

He last raced on 11/29 after a brief racing career and has been relaxing at the farm ever since.  He is more than ready to start a new career and really seems to be quite bored with all the R&R out there! 

 He is sweet and friendly, but definitely has some energy to put to good use.  I really think this guy would enjoy the stimulation of new things like jumping and traveling to new locations.



 Woody is a Kentucky bred by Latent Heat out of a Salt Lake mare.  He is sound with no vices and turns out well with other horse friends.  He is interested in everything that is going on but I could see that he retains his manners and has a good brain.  Happy but sensible!   

 He is currently residing in West River, Maryland.  Please contact me for more information about this horse.


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The following is from Harlan's owner...”Harlan is 8 years old  and stands about 16.2 hands and is a really solid citizen.  He  could do lower level local shows if he wasn't worked excessively,  but I feel like his best home would be as a trail or pleasure horse.  

He is classy and beautiful with an excellent attitude.  He stands  in crossties well, loads and trailers like a champ, is gentle and  kind with my baby, loves being groomed and pampered.  He  enjoys bath time and the company of other horse, geldings and  mares alike.  He is great under saddle with a sound mind and  trusting demeanor.  Very quiet and prefers to not move very  quickly.  Harlan is a caramel bay in summer and a dark bay in  winter.  He has significant bone, but has some rounding of the  ankles and requires some joint supplements.”


This pro athlete raced 47 times with 10 wins, 11 seconds, 9 thirds and earnings of almost $200k.  To say he aims to please would be an understatement!  Harlan had resided in quite a few different barns at various tracks with different owners.  He had been steadily racing since 2009 with barely any kind of breaks in between before arriving at his current home.  He has no vices and no obvious soundness issues. 

He last raced on 6/29/13.  He is a FL bred by Flame Thrower out of a Wild Escapade mare. 

 He is looking for a wonderful forever home!


Harlan is currently residing in Harwood, Maryland.  Please contact me for more information on this horse.  




 Click here to see her pedigree.

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Missy is a pretty and petite 3 year old filly, 15 hands.  This young filly has shown that racing is simply not her forte in life after 4 starts on the track in Maryland and no earnings!  Her trainer describes her as a good girl who “does not do anything wrong but is always on the move, jigging everywhere”…She finds the whole racing world rather unnerving!  We are hoping that this pretty horse will find a loving human who she can bond with and start to really enjoy life! 

She has no vices but x-rays taken after her last race showed a knee chip.  A few months of down time will help the knee heal and prepare her for a new and less strenuous  career.

Missy is a New York bred by Golden Missile out of a With Approval mare.  She last raced on 12/6 and has been hand walking each day since then (thus the chain in her mouth for the pictures as she was bouncy, not unusual for a young horse who is basically stall bound other than a 30 minute walk per day!)  

She is an easy keeper and loves her horse friends, a social butterfly of sorts!  She gets along well with geldings and mares alike. 

She is currently residing at a farm in Reinholds, Pennsylvania.  Please contact me for more info on this horse.





Hokie is a 17 year old, 16 hand TB WB cross.  His current owner saved him from being put down 3 years ago as his then owner could not afford to keep him. 

She adores him but finds herself in hard times also and is looking for that wonderful forever home that Hokie deserves! 

This boy is super sweet and so easy to be around.  He loves people and attention! 

Hokie has some navicular changes that make corrective shoeing a must.  With the right combination, he can be a lovely pleasure riding/trail horse.






Hokie has no vices and is well rounded boy.  He trailers well also. 

He comes with blankets and plenty of other handy horse supplies!  This guy will make a great addition for a lucky family or individual. 

He is currently residing in Burtonsville, Maryland.

Please contact me for more information on Hokie.







Mae is not registered.



Mae is a beautiful, dark bay mare, 16 years old and 15.3 hands.  She has a white star on her forehead and one white anklet.  She is an experienced show ring hunter and has been for most of her life.  She can do a course of 2’6” fences with ease.  Mae also has dressage experience. 

She needs to be brought back into work as she was only ridden a few times this winter as her owner was dealing with a physical issue.  Mae is extremely smart and athletic.  She is sound with no vices and loves attention, treats and being brushed!
Mae is easy to work with.  She is excellent for the farrier and also for loading and trailering.  It is  recommended that she has a rider that has good balance, is good with their hands and does not sit hard on a horse’s back.   A sensitive and giving rider.   



Click here to see video of Mae

Mae does not like her mouth pulled on and she does not like a rider to sit hard on her back.  She needs a really nice soft saddle pad for her back.  She would benefit greatly from acupuncture or massage also. Mae loves other mares and geldings, she usually has been the boss with other mares.

Mae has an air about her that demands your respect.   I guess because she knows how beautiful she is!!!  Her owner is looking for an excellent forever home for Mae.  

            Mae is located in Orlean, Virginia.  Please contact me for further information on this horse.

Found a Home

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Grant is a 13 year old gelding, 16.1 hands and a super sweet boy!  His owner describes him as Mr. Personality, a goof ball and a big talker! 

Apparently he will talk back if you talk to him…Cute!! 

Grant has had extensive training in dressage since retiring from racing in 2006.  Wear and tear on his joints from racing make

Grant best suited for a life of pleasure/trail riding now. 

He is such a good boy, has no vices and is an easy keeper.



Grant was originally bred in Canada and started his racing career off there.  He then moved on to the rigors of the cheap tracks in Ohio and WV.  He is by Cash Deposit out of a Storm Boot mare.  Grant is currently on full pasture turn out.  He is also barefoot although would benefit from shoes if traveling over rough surfaces on trails, etc. 

He is residing in Birmingham, Alabama.  Please contact me for more information on this horse.

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