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Not Too Spicy

Spicy is a big, elegant, classic Thoroughbred. He is 11 years old and a wonderful mover.   His race career lasted from January to  May, 2009, in Panama with 11 starts, 1 win, 4-2nds, 5-3rds, 1-4th.   He last raced May 24, 2009.   Spicy stands 16.3 hands and is a 2009 foal which makes him 11 years old at this writing.   His owner describes him as handsome, intelligent, affectionate, willing and a guy who loves peppermints.

His owner has had him since he left the track 7 years ago.  She initially got him as a companion for another horse until November 2016.  At that time, due to her own health issues,  she put him in professional training in order to find him a new home.   She felt his chances at a good life without her were better if she sent him to a trainer since she is not able to ride him herself.  She gave  him attention and love while he was at her farm so he has always enjoyed being groomed, blanketed and being fussed over.  He is also good for the vet, farrier, equine dentist, etc.  He has no vices.   Spicy prefers to spend most of his time turned out, consequently he comes in to be fed and/or trained, but lives in turn out with proper shelter and blanketing. 



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He has a current coggins and is up to date on all vaccinations, etc.   If you will look at his video, he is an excellent mover with much potential particularly for dressage.  Spicy does have an old, set bow which you can hardly notice and he is completely sound.  He also had breathing issues as a racehorse so dressage and riding on the flat are a best bet for success with him.   He has good feet and is training barefoot without issues.    

Since beginning his training under saddle in 2016, he has been ridden consistently at the walk, trot and canter developing a solid riding foundation on a 4 to 6 day a week basis ever since.   Spicy is fancy, willing and generous so he will need an experienced, confident rider who can continue his education.   We believe he wants a job and would do quite well as a dressage horse.  


Spicy is located in Oxford, PA and offered for an adoption fee of $500 to a qualified home only.



We Miss Barbara

Barbie has been at a farm for the past six or eight months.  The woman who got her off the racetrack did it to help her with the goal of finding Barbie a forever home.  She cannot keep her because she already has several horses to take care of, but she worried what would happen if she did not step up.  After months of trying to find this beautiful girl a home, I suggested that if we had a video of Barbie being ridden that it would make her more desirable.  She is here at Leighton Farm, temporarily for me to get some good footage and then she must go back because we are over horsed here.  The first video is after her being here only four days and she was perfect.  I honestly believe whomever ends up with this little cutie will never regret it.  She just needs someone to love her and show her the way.  Barbie is a willing partner!

Barbie stands 15.2 hands and is five years old.  She is up to date on dental, deworming and vaccinations.  She’s been barefoot for last four months and doing great!  She is turned out with all geldings which has not been a problem.

This gal has had well over six months of let down and is ready to restart.  She is very easy to work with, curious about everything, and just loves tons of attention.  An intermediate rider would be best, someone with experience to show her the way.

Barbie retired off the track sound and with no known injuries except for her left eye. This beautiful girl lost her eye due to a past injury/infection.Her eye does not require any special care.  You only have to be mindful that you have to introduce things from the right.  I had no problem whatsoever mounting her or working and riding her.  She has learned to adapt perfectly to her solo vision. 

She’d be a fun horse to retrain and work with or be happy being someone’s “pet”.



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Barbie is available to a good home where the new owner is either skilled to oversee her training or has a competent trainer who will guide them.   She is an assisted placement and located in Harwood, Maryland.


Please email  me at kclark@goodhorse.org or call 240-216-5197 for more information.