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How We Help Horsemen

We strive to help horsemen and the racing industry. Thoroughbred racing is in trouble. We need to bring people back to this wonderful sport. In order to do that we must give them a product they want to see.

Although much of the public thinks horse racing is cruel – and it can be, the majority of horses have a wonderful life.   It seems we seldom hear about those horses and the horsemen who do right by them.  Instead they hear about the tragedy caused by uncaring owners and trainers.   Americans love horses and they need to be allowed to fall in love with racehorses without fear of a broken heart.

The response by horsemen to our placement program, has been huge.  When provided with a way to transition retirees into the community, owners and trainers are jumping at the chance.  This is an effective way to retire our racehorses who then become ambassadors for our industry.

While we would love to take possession of each and every horse that retires, we do not have the resources to do such a thing.  We are developing as many tools as possible to help horsemen and horses.   If  we can’t take your horse, and want help rehoming or selling your retiring or retired racehorse, please download and read this handout which explains our procedures and what is required of you.   For those of you who will be taking your own photos, we have some tips.  Click here to go to a page filled with tips on taking good pictures of your horse.  Your retiree will be put on the TPR, Inc. website as an Assisted Placement and advertised in as many as 30 places.  You or your representative set the price and negotiate the details.  In this case, it is your responsibility to qualify potential adoptees or buyers.  We do not have the funding to check every person who inquires, but we can check the references of a person you are considering for adoption.  A Reference application is included in the handout along with an adoption contract.  If you are selling the horse you should still check references and have them sign the contract.  We ask you to make a 10% of the sale price, tax deductible donation to TPR, Inc. to help keep this program going.

In order to apply for grants we need trainers and owners to provide the tattoo number of each horse we place.  In addition, we need contact information for the person who purchased/adopted the horse.  Please remember to contact us when your horse leaves so we may keep the site current.

Due to budget constraints we normally have at least one foster open at any given time.   At the present time our fosters receive $300 per month per horse, they donate all other expenses, care, facilities and handling. You can cover this expense and move the horse to one of our foster farms until we find him/her a home or until we move horses on and have the funds to cover the cost of the foster.  All foster farms have been put through a rigorous process to determine their capability for handling retired racers.  They have also been scrutinized by the TAA.  Horses usually find homes off the farm quicker and normally this substantially reduces the per day cost.

We’ve created an online book that helps prospective buyers understand racehorses and successfully retrain retired racehorses and we offer it free of charge.

We also offer a Helpful Links page with local rescues that might be able to take your horse if we can’t.

There’s a list of contact information for local vets. Use this if you have a buyer who wants a pre-purchase exam.

Our newsletter highlights what we can do when we have support from the racing industry and donors.

Please remember that in order to continue this work, we need funding and help. Your donations are tax deductible and we also need volunteers. Please consider supporting the retirement of our horses by helping TPR, Inc.  Click here to find out more about how you can help.