Make an Offer Tack Sale!!!!

Two Ways to Help!  Donate or Purchase!



Donate Items!

Every horse person has tack and horse care items they never use.  Sure it was a great idea when you bought it but you just never used it or it didn’t work for you and your horse.

Donate your Used and New tack that you just never used and receive a tax deductible receipt for the value.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these items will go to helping retired Thoroughbred racehorses.    We are also collecting items for our yearly ebay auction to help the horses and America’s Heroes.  It doesn’t have to be horse related items!   Anything that is saleable on ebay like that figurine you don’t know where to put or that set of dishes you bought and are still sitting around.  Trips, art, crafts, anything!

Please contact us by email or phone.  Come visit us at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD, meet some of the horses your action will help.  If that’s not convenient, we may have a designated drop off  spot already in your area.  You can even mail the items and receive a tax deductible receipt not only for the value of the items but the cost of the shipping as well!


Purchase Items!

Check out our latest offerings to get great deals on nearly new and slightly used tack, horse wear and rider items!  Make an offer on one or multiple items and a great deal while you help the horses!

Our Make an Offer Tack Sale is easy.  Just email your questions or purchase offer to  When making an offer, please state whether or not you would like it shipped or will be picking it up.  The final cost will be your offer, if accepted plus shipping if it applies.

You then pay by PayPal at or by credit card through our Network for Good account  Please message me when you pay, of how you paid and what you bought.  You can also make a notation in either Pay Pal or Network for Good.***All proceeds go to helping retired Thoroughbred racehorses find new lives when their careers end.