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Our goal is to help educate and support the efforts of anyone who now owns or is interested in owning a former racehorse.  Kimberly Godwin Clark wrote an online book to help people to understand the retiring or retired racehorse.  Click here download it.  The manual begins with the horse’s life and handling at the track and covers how to find a retiring racehorse, what to look out for and the many advantages of owning, training and riding a retired racehorse.  This manual then moves on to the transitioning, feeding and training of the horse once he reaches the farm and his new life.

At the present time we have a page to explain terminology commonly used in the racing industry. 

In addition there is a list of local vets who can do pre-purchase exams on horses you are interested in.   Find shippers by clicking here and local accommodations by clicking here.

We have FAQs to answer your most asked questions, but don’t hesitate to offer suggestions on how we can improve the site to help you.