Frequently Asked Questions

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Did Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. used to be called Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Inc.?

Yes, in the beginning we focused all of our efforts on the placement and rescue of retiring Thoroughbred racehorses.  With time, we found that people needed support through information on training and handling them.  We expanded our work to include things like our online book and the production of a dvd.  We are proud that because of our work, many horses have the option to find a good, stable home instead of requiring rescue.  Although we do still rescue horses, we do much more…..


How does this work?

Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non profit works directly with race trainers and owners to help them place or sell their retiring racehorses.     Horses located at Leighton Farm, the main facility of TPR are being let down, rehabilitated or are in various stages of retraining from hacking to competing and everything in between. Looking for a Home horses are available for adoption to an approved home at a very low adoption fee to cover base expenses.  They can be located at Leighton Farm or be Assisted Placements.  

TPR helps horses we cannot take possession of by posting Assisted Placements.  Assisted Placements can be On the Track, Off the Track and/or Looking for a Home.  In many cases, the decision to retire them has just been made and we do not have the funds to move them off the track.  Many times they are not training any longer and are only handwalking around the barn at the track.  With training fees at the track averaging $100 per day plus expenses, its no mystery why a trainer would choose to give a horse away rather than sell it for a few thousand dollars.  Horses on the track must be let down before beginning their new career.  Refer to the Retraining Guide for more information on this and more.   Some Assisted Placements are off of the track and already located on a farm.  Some have only been rested and have not started retraining while others already have a job.  With Assisted Placements,  we connect you directly with the owner or trainer.

Adopters must be have their references checked and be approved to adopt through our organization.  We strive to keep this as simple as possible.  Just fill out our reference application and submit it.  Click Here to download our reference application Click here  to download Adobe, it’s free.  We will contact you with the outcome and if qualified you will receive a Confirmation number signifying you have completed the application and been approved.  Adopters must also agree to fill out and submit an update on their adopted Thoroughbred six months after the date of adoption. Click Here to see the form. We will email or snail mail one to you about two weeks before the due date. In addition all adopters must agree to an update by phone one month and one year after the adoption. A TPR representative will contact you during those times, please return their call in a timely manner. We want this to work and are here to help you with any problems or needs that may arise. During the first year the adopter must allow TPR visit the Adopted Horse. We will contact you in advance to and give you at least 7 days notice we are coming for a visit.


Trainers and owners selling horses through the TPR program are asked to donate 10% of the sale price to TPR, Inc.  This money goes directly to helping more horses find new lives when their careers end.  Horses on the Looking for a Home page are in essence free to an approved home.  The goal is to make this as easy and smooth a process as possible.  80% of the horses placed by TPR are free to a good home.  We ask that you make a $300 donation to TPR, Inc. when you get a horse through us to help cover expenses and keep this important program going.  Without you, we can’t continue.  Adopters are required to sign an Adoption contractClick here to see it.


How do I become a qualified adopter?

1. Fill out the adoption reference request form fully.  We provide it in two formats, Word and Adobe Click here  to download Adobe, it’s free.  If neither of these work for you, contact Qualify@goodhorse.org and she will provide the form in another format.

2. Email the form to qualify@goodhorse.org

Once you are approved you will receive a confirmation number from us in 10 business days (or less). This is the number that you include in inquiries about horses.  If you do not hear anything beyond 10 business days, please check back.


I’m qualified, now what?

Once you are qualified you can receive contact information on horses that interest you.  When inquiring regarding a specific horse,  provide your confirmation ID in the subject or body of your email and please include the name of the horse.


Why must I requalify?

We may requalify you if it’s been over two years or more. For example, if you adopted a horse through us in 2009, we would potentially ask you to requalify in 2011. Why? Circumstances and people change over time and for the welfare of the horses we need to ensure that they are still getting an amazing home.


Why wasn’t I qualified?

1. Cases of animal abuse against you
2. Form was not filled out fully (no contact information, bad telephone numbers, etc)
3. References did not return our phone calls or emails
4. References did not provide corroborating information


What do I do once I see a horse on the site that I am interested in?

We connect you with the owner or trainer of the horse and you will work directly with them.  You are encouraged to have a vet do at least a basic ppe on the horse.  This will help determine if the horse is suitable for your needs.  At the track, vets are present all morning and it is relatively easy and inexpensive to do this.  There is a list of vets on my site under the Resources button.  While I do require full disclosure from trainers on any horses on my site, I also know that trainers can miss things.  That’s why the structure of claiming races exists.  Simply so one trainer can claim a horse and improve on it when he finds things another trainer has missed.  If you think you’ve been deceived by a trainer, contact us immediately.  Trainers and owners are told if they are not truthful, they are barred from using the TPR site permanently.  It is very important that the trainers and owners we work with treat the people who get horses from us with respect.

What if the horse I’ve gotten is not working out?

First, contact TPR or contact the owner or trainer.  We have many trainers or owners who will take the horse back.  Ask them about this when you are inquiring about the horse.  We will also put the horse on the site and rehome him for you.   Just contact us and let us know your needs.  We want to help.  Please understand that if the horse came off the backstretch the trainer cannot take the horse back unless he has access to a farm.  Stalls are only assigned to horses that are there to race.  It is against the rules to stable a horse at the track that is not going to race.  The trainer could lose his stalls for doing so. Leighton Farm will take the horse and rehome him if there is space, but most of the time we have a wait list of 30 horses or more waiting to get in. 


What if a trainer or owner is not returning my calls or email?

Contact TPR immediately at Trainer@goodhorse.org or 240-216-5197.  We make it clear to anyone posting a horse on the site that they must return calls in a timely manner.  Everyone gets busy and many trainers and owners are not ready for the volume of calls they are about to get.  That said, we expect them to make an effort to keep up and when we get complaints, we contact them immediately.  Sometimes even tracking them down at the racetrack in the morning.  It’s frustrating to see a horse you are interested in and not be acknowledged.


Where is TPR, Inc. located?

Leighton Farm is located in southern Maryland, about 30 minutes from Annapolis and 30 minutes from D.C.  The address is 13130 Molly Berry Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.


How do I become a foster farm?

TPR is not seeking foster facilities at this time.