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Help Us Help Them! We need you!
Without Donors, these horses would have no future. All of our work would be in vain. You probably already know horses are expensive to care for. Add to that the cost of rehabilitation and training and you can imagine how critical the gifts our donors offer are. Because of our donors, we are able to provide new lives for countless horses upon their retirement from racing. Click Here to Donate and Make a Difference! Thoroughbred Placement Resources is always in need of new volunteers. Bring your unique skills to our organization and become a part of the answer to the problems facing retiring Thoroughbred racehorses. Become a part of an outstanding team of horse lovers. Click Here to Help the Horses!



They need you! At the track
Looking for your next partner to enjoy, compete or add to your family? Please consider a retired Thoroughbred racehorse. They just need a second chance. Click Here to Find Your Dream Horse!  As soon as a Thoroughbred is removed from the track and placed on a Foster Farm, his odds of finding a new home skyrocket. There is precious time to find him the right home and he or she can finally relax. The longer a horse remains at the track once his racing days are over, the greater the risk that he will not have a bright future.  Click Here To Find Out More about Fostering a Horse.


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We have lots to offer! While You Shop! Horses Helping Horses!
We have an online Zazzle store featuring artwork items created and donated by artists who wish to contribute to the horses. Cori Solomon, creator of Cori’s Pawtraits donates a portion of the proceeds of her artwork featuring horses and we also sell OTTB magnets and Responsible Racehorse Retirement pins in order to raise funds and support for the horses. Click Here To Visit Our Gift Shop! Thoroughbred Placement Resources is registered with many of the companies and services that donate a portion of the amount you spend to us when you select us as your charity. Amazon Smile, GoodShop/GoodSearch, Capital Rewards and PayPal Giving Fund, just to name a few. If you already work with one we do not have listed, please send us an email and we will be happy to sign up! Click Here To Help the Horses While Doing What You Do! If you have horses, you buy feed! Most feed companies will donate a percentage of the cost of the feed you buy when we register with them and submit the feed labels our supporters collect. We now participate in the Southern States Show and Tribute Partners Programs, but we’ll also register with any other feed company that you send us labels for. Click To See How Easy It Is!

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Host Fundraising Events! Leave a Legacy!
Host a charity event. Your charity event can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, from a small bake sale to a grand gala. Don’t let the word “event” intimidate you. Your work will be deeply appreciated, no matter the scale. Collect hay and start a hay bank for TPR horses.  Email us with your ideas! Build a legacy of helping horses through planned giving to an organization with a proven track record. While TPR always accepts monetary donations and gifts in kind, we also accept the following forms of planned giving: Bequests, Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts.  Click here to find out more.

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Memorial and In Honor Donations!

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Honor someone you love, while helping Thoroughbred Placement Resources save the lives of retiring racehorses. When you make a donation in honor of a person or pet, the person you designate will receive personalized email and/or a personalized note card from TPR honoring your donation.  Click Here to find out more. Tell your friends about the plight of retired racehorses and the need for responsible racehorse retirement.   Let them know about the incredible work TPR does to give these horses hope and a future when their race career ends. Share our newsletters, posts and success stories on FB, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of!  Click here to find suggestions on how to spread the word and help retiring racehorses.    Join us on FaceBook to stay informed! Thoroughbred Placement Resources has some incredible support from businesses and organizations that provide all sorts of services and much needed items for our horses.  Please consider using them when you have a need they can fulfill.  What better character reference than the benevolence they display by supporting charity?  Click here to meet our supporters.


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