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Bred By the Elite, For the Elite

Because of their outstanding qualities, the Thoroughbred has long been the breed of choice by the elite horse owner.

The Thoroughbred of today remains one of the most versatile and athletic breeds in the show ring.

At TPR, we don’t just rehab retired Thoroughbred racehorses, we develop highly competitive athletes for the show ring.

Elite Training

We are one of the few Non-Profit equestrian facilities that has access to elite trainers.

Led by Kimberly Clark Godwin, who has over 25 years of experience working with thoroughbreds both on and off the racetrack, TPR has produced an impressive string of competitive horses.

Kimberly earned her USDF Bronze Medal riding a thoroughbred she trained from green to Third Level.

TPR produced the 4* Eventer Houdini (aka Rocky Times) as well as Breeder’s Bridge.

TPR has also had the pleasure of training Constant Star who went on to become a High Performance Winner.

Want to learn from the best? Read Kimberly’s latest book, “New Track, New Life.”


Your Next partner

Show Jumping ~ Dressage ~ Pleasure

No matter what your discipline, we have talented Thoroughbreds that are ready to help you meet your competitive goals.

Linda Zang, FEI dressage Judge, states, “There have been many success stories with Thoroughbreds in the three Olympic Equestrian disciplines, including winning medals.”

We select excellent Thoroughbred candidates and give them the proper training they need. This is what makes our horses very attractive to top riders. 

Sassafras Springs

6 Years Old, 15.2 hands, Mare.

Eligible for the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project Makeover

A dream to be around…

Lady Chace

Stunning 12 Year Old Mare

Kind, Gentle, and Ready for You…

Team Birdie and Wills

Birdie and Wills are a specail pair of Thoroughbreds that have found happiness in each other’s company.

Together, they will live out their lives at TPR knowing that they will never have to be mistreated or seperated again.

We invite you to become part of their story – as a member of Team Birdie and Wills.