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2015 Fall Newsletter

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Through placement, support, education and rescue, we strive to make a difference.

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Constant as the Northern Star

Representing the Athleticism and Greatness of the Thoroughbred

Constant Star, winner of the 2012 Breeder’s Bridge to High Performance Contest has been adopted by Gold Medal Olympian, Tad Coffin. She is in the best hands possible because you gave her this chance.

Constant Star, a retired Thoroughbred racehorse of extraordinary talent has found a forever home with Olympian, Tad Coffin. Coffin rode the Thoroughbred Ballycor to win team and individual gold at the 1975 Pan Am Games, team and individual gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and team bronze at the 1978 World Championships at Lexington.

“Because of your support, Star can demonstrate the incredible potential of OTTB’s.”

The connection between Coffin and Star began with Kimberly Clark’s interest in the saddle that Coffin has created and spent the last twenty years perfecting. This ground breaking technology allows a horse to show the full expression of his athletic ability as it sympathizes with the horse’s movement.

Constant Star’s talent was recognized early on by JMS Stables, operated by John and Beezie Madden, when she was selected as a winner of the 2012 Breeder’s Bridge Contest to High Performance. This was not a contest restricted to Thoroughbreds, it included North American horses of all Breeds. Due to Star’s incredible potential, the responsibility of getting her into the right hands was a heavy one. Despite the interest expressed by several qualified riders, TPR was reluctant to move Star until she could be in the right career with the right rider.

From the moment Coffin stepped into the irons, it was clear that his connection with Star was magic and there was no doubt that he was her human.


Hero Horses is a Win

The First Summer for Our Hero Horses Program


Massage Therapist, Betsy Novotny has generously donated extremely popular massage and equine touch clinics for our Heroes.

TPR’s program to include wounded warriors, veterans, active service and their families in the success of retired racehorses has gotten off to a fabulous start! The benefit of this wonderful program has had a huge effect on both humans and the horses.

“I was touched beyond measure when one of the participants shared her story .”

Equine Massage Therapist, Betsy Novotny had this to say, “I was touched beyond measure when one of the participants shared her story at the end (of our equine massage session).

She had been at the Pentagon 14 years ago on 9/11 and had been feeling very anxious the 3 days before the Hero Horses Equine Massage Clinic. After working around Gus (retired racehorse), and practicing the techniques she felt totally relaxed and not anxious at all.

Imagine the serenity of yoga and light meditation amongst the horses. Sunny Oh, certified instructor gives her time to our Heroes to accomplish just that.

A few of the others then chimed in that they had felt the same thing happen. To help someone experience what I take for granted, after being through what they have is priceless.”

We are currently raising funds to build an outdoor pavilion for the wounded warriors and their families.  The pavilion will provide opportunities to engage more Wounded Warriors in our Hero Horses program by providing a space for workshops, support groups, and more family activities. Family bar-b-ques and veteran’s self help meetings are just some of the activities this area will allow us to offer to our Heroes.

From Unwanted to Unbelievable

Without your support, he had no future.


We became aware of “Pauley” in December 2014 when we received a call from Bowie Training Center. His owner was distraught and not sure what would become of him. She was seriously considering humane euthanasia because she didn’t think anyone would be willing to take him on with the injury he had.Kimberly Clark made the trip to Bowie the day after her conversation with a good Samaritan at Bowie. What she found was an adorable and extremely sweet three year old gelding. Like most retiring racehorses he simply needed an opportunity. While he did suffer from a non-displaced fracture to his sesamoid bone, the remedy was simply time to heal. He owner thought because he would need stall rest and then rehabilitation before retraining could begin, that no one would want him. Several days after the visit to Bowie, we picked Pauley up and took him to the farm to begin his new life.

At this point he underwent 4 months of stall rest which he handled like a champ! After that he was restarted with the basics that every riding horse needs upon retiring from race training. He was entered in the Retire Racehorse Retraining Makeover to take place in October 2015 in Kentucky but TPR trainer/rider was severely injured in the spring breaking 5 ribs and her scapula. This made it necessary to offer him for adoption much sooner than we had planned.

Luckily, he found a great forever home as a budding fox hunter. He is thriving in his new life and representing Thoroughbreds with is calm demeanor and beautiful way of going.

Cleveland Gets to Breathe!

Once Again, You Made The Difference


Cleveland – registered name Clever Notion suffers from paralysis of his left vocal cord which is often called “roaring.”

Imagine struggling for each breath while having to carry out a job that requires you to carry a human around.

Horses are expensive and it’s very hard to find them a place in this world if they can’t be ridden, especially when they are young.  At the age of 5, Cleveland likely has 25 to 30 years of life left.

Our goal: To give him the gift of a comfortable and useful life by making it possible for him to breathe.

The way to help Cleveland was  “tie back,” or prosthetic laryngoplasty which replaces the paralyzed muscle with a suture to hold the affected cartilage out of the airway for exercise.   Without this surgery, he would struggle to breathe for the rest of his life.

Due to the generosity of our donors, Cleveland received the surgery he needed in October. He will have 6 weeks stall rest and then will transition to turn out for another 6 weeks and finally enter the TPR retraining program where he will receive the skills he needs for a successful future.

Once he completes the training program and we determine what his best use will be, he will be carefully matched with the perfect human partner to begin a long and happy life free from the struggle for each breath.

Cleveland is fortunate to have Spurlock Equine Services on his side. They donated their services and performed the surgery at cost.  The funds to cover the surgery cost and recovery time came from the generosity of donor gifts.

The expense of retraining has been covered by grants and private donations.

Without you, Cleveland would face an uncertain and uncomfortable future.

Thank You

You Gave Countless Horses a Happy Future!

TPR was able to focus on two main areas this year because of your support. We furthered our work to create Thoroughbred Breed Ambassadors through good training to get these talented individuals into the right hands. We also were able to help more of the horses that needed rehabilitation. This is two ends of the rescue spectrum that are in critical need because they require specialized skills and more funding.

Horses that needed rehabilitation, surgery and specialized care are the horses that “fall through the cracks,” because rescues must have the expertise required to do after surgery and rehabilitation care.  Horses like Not Apologizing who merely needed stall rest in order to become a wonderful fox hunter or Cleveland who received the surgery he needed to breathe comfortably. Then there is Terry’s Dancer who will be featured in a future issue. She was given to a 12 year old girl straight off the track and the result was a scared horse and a frightened child-not the sort of ambassador Thoroughbreds need. Terry extremely talented and has a bright future because she iis receiving the retraining she needs to be successful-because of you.

We have been able to produce more Thoroughbred Ambassadors which is a part of our work that is essential to helping many more retired racehorses find new lives when their careers end.

Getting Thoroughbreds back into the top tier of competition in disciplines like Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage and Competitive Trail riding is key in giving this athletic breed an opportunity to shine. This creates a trickle down effect of the students of top trainers choosing the Thoroughbred as their choice for competition.   They receive the guidance in training and conditioning needed to win at every level of competition. Their success will spawn even more interest in the Thoroughbred as a competitive sport horse and family pets.

All of this is made possible through the efforts of many people.  Mainly though,  it is you…your generosity…your kind hearts…it is YOU that allows TPR to do its work.

We thank you, but even more importantly it is the horses who owe you their lives and their future.  It is for them that you have become a vital part of the team………..

Our Donors ~ The Heartbeat of TPR