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Found a Home

Gator Gold – Found a Home December 2016 – Assisted

Gator Gold
Gator is a stunning 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding who stands 15.3 hands.  He has a very easy going and kind temperament. He is retiring from racing completely sound, he is just through his conditions and it's time to move on to a new line of work.  He wasn't a world beater as a racehorse but he tried every time he raced.  He was never any trouble and did everything ri...
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Captain Toews – Found a Home, Assisted November 2016

Captain Towes
Captain is a stunning 5 year old Thoroughbred gelding.  He stands 15.3 hands with a very solid build.  He is a beautiful horse with a kind temperament.   He was adopted by his current owners in the hope of retraining him into a hunter/jumper.  They found he had chips in a knee and had knee surgery to remove chips.  The surgeon was unable to remove one chip b...
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Luca the Bull – November 2016

Luca The Bull
Luca is a 4 year old Thoroughbred gelding who stands 16.3 hands.  He has a kind temperament and is a good mover.  Luca's original owner/breeder/trainer raced him and he showed no talent whatsoever.  In his only start he was distanced and pulled up, walking off the track.  I guess it wasn't for him. He went back to the farm where he was the chaperone for the new babies when they are broke...
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Sheza Classy Lady – Found a Home August 2016

Who wouldn't want to see this beautiful face each time they head down to the barn? Lady is just that a real lady.  She is beautiful and her former owner adores her but has had to make some tough choices lately, putting her family ahead of her desire to keep this beautiful mare.  Lady has a bit of an interesting story in that her current owner is the wife of a trainer at Laurel Park.  He c...
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Paddington – Found a home October 2016

Paddington is a lightly raced Thoroughbred gelding who is ready to begin his new career.  He didn't take to racing and he was lucky to have an owner and trainer who heard him when he said "I don't want to do this."   His owner took him home to the farm where he spent a year trying to decide what to do with him next.  He adores this horse but does not ride, so you see his quandary....
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Emmy Agnes – Found a Home July 2016

Emmy Agnes is a stunning 3 year old Thoroughbred filly who has never known anything but love and kindness.  Her owner/breeder adores her "babies".  Emmy was trained as a racehorse and did run 3 times but she never lived at the racetrack.  Instead she trained on a farm where she could be turned out and enjoy her life.  While she is currently located at Leighton Farm I do not have the time to ...
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Not Too Spicy – Found a Home June 2018

Not Too Spicy Face
  Spicy is an elegant 16.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding.  He is all class and a wonderful mover. Spicy is 12 years old. but only raced 14 times, his last race in May 2009.  He is handsome, intelligent, affectionate, willing and a guy who loves peppermints.  He has always enjoyed being groomed, blanketed, and being fussed over.   He is also good for the vet, ...
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Let’s Trade – Found a Home July 2016 – Assisted

  Trade is a dark bay, 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding who has competed at the Beginner Novice Level in Eventing.  Trade possesses the talent to go further!   He is 9 years old.   He is great on trails alone or with others.  He clips, loads, and ties, good for farrier and vet, and utd on everything. Trade doesn’t mind being in a stall or on 24/7 turnout. He is a very sw...
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We Never Sleep – July 2016 – Assisted

  "Neva" is a beautiful gray filly, both inside and out.    She stands 15.3 hands and is only 3 yers old.  She has her entire life ahead of her.  She has been in training at Laurel Park but has never raced. Recently her trainer discovered she has a bone chip in her knee although she is sound.  Xrays are available.  I sent the to a veterinary surgeon for an opinion and they off...
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Shock and Awesome – Found a Home July 2016

Shock and Awesome is a 2 year old Thoroughbred filly who has been lovingly raised and handled by my good friends Diana McClure and Michael Cooney.  They have a wonderful farm where the break and train Thoroughbred racehorses.  "Maybelline" as I call her has never had anyone scare or hurt her which has resulted in an easy going and happy young horse.  Due to financial constraints, Maybell...
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