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500 th horse adopted

I adopted Saucydance in 2010 she is a wonderful horse I got her in Oct at 3 years old rite off the track she raced month before I was able to ride her rite away she is calm and when I got her she was used to many different sounds not spooky at all got her from laurel park I would recommend to anyone who wants a horse to adopt from Tpr best horse I ever had
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Your OTTB “Bible”

I ended up with a two year old filly purchased from a slaughter auction by an older couple who thought she was pretty. And that they could turn a litle profit. Love N Share was anything but loving.. When I saw her ad, I passed her up. OTTB and too young. My husband liked her, though, so I called. (He can talk me into anything) Her new owner dropped the ad price by several hundred while we talked ...
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Adopting an angel

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Clark at her farm and all her wonderful horses including Midnight. The organization took him in, provided for his surgery and his recovery and then graciously allowed me to adopt him. He is an absolute pleasure to be around. He has wonderful manners and the best personality. I rode him for the second time this Sunday and his first ever trail ride, he was ...
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Doctor James

August 2014 - Doct0r James is currently competing at the Preliminary Level in Eventing and recently successfully completed his first one star event. From Tiffany Wandy, Jame's owner: Two and a half years ago, I finally found myself in a position to own a horse again. I had just finished graduate school and decided that I wanted to find the perfect OTTB to partner with in eventing. Day after day...
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I adopted Caddymaster several years ago. I wanted him instantly when I saw his picture online. There was a gentleness in his eyes. He has a forever home now and has become a part of my family! He had some issues with his hooves...but I have him on a great supplement that has him very sound. He is sound to ride, but my knees keep me from long trail rides. Everyone in my family loves him and he is e...
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Thank you for Absolutely Sweet and New Track, New Life

I obtained my mare, Absolutely Sweet (whom I call Stelle), from Cynthia Rickman for a donation to your organization (see below). Stelle is the reason I downloaded your fabulous online guide, “A Guide to Understanding and Retraining Your Off Track Thoroughbred,” to help me understand her and actually train her. Your guide was absolutely critical to my success with my mare. She had raced nine tim...
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Thank you for your help with “Soldier”

Soldier came to my barn from a kill pen at auction, he had strangles was almost completely blind, 300+ lbs underweight, and covered in scars. After being at my barn for a few months, Soldier gained some weight and was cleared of strangles, at this point they realized he was blind, and believed he would be to "unpredictable" for the lesson program. I met him the week before he was to return to auct...
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FOLLOWING SATDNITEJUKBOX – Your Gifts Continue to Give

In our Spring Newsletter, we told you about Satdnitejukbox. At the age of 10 years old, he had been stuck at the track for over 15 months after his last race with no prospects to get off until TPR got involved Due to the generosity of donors like you, the TAA, TCA and ASPCA, he was able to get to foster giver, Sandra Tilghman and begin training for a new life after his race career ended. ...
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ROCKY TIMES AND KATIE FREI REPRESENT! Because of You, He is in the Right Hands

Some retired racehorses are so athletic, so high strung and reactive that only the advance rider is a good fit.  This isn’t a problem so long as the horse gets into the right hands.  Rocky Times is one of those “high strung Thoroughbreds,” but lucky for him he got into the right hands so his hyper-reactiveness proved to be a great asset in his new career - Three Day Eventing. Rocky Times wa...
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A SOLDIER SAVES A SOLDIER – Your Support at Work

As “Soldier”  stood on the line at the auction in New Holland, he wondered how he had gotten there.  Frightened and alone, he did everything asked of him, even being ridden through the auction – he never took a wrong step. Somehow he knew he was in trouble – this wasn’t a good place to be.  “Soldier” didn’t know what was going to happen, but it was obvious by his “battle scars” he’d been th...
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