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The Little Guy

This is a story of perseverance and dignity for a little horse who did not know how to give up. He is rewarded with the best life ever! We made journal of how his life has changed since arriving at Leighton Farm in 2007 and the people who have come to love him along the way.

ALITTLE SIMPLICITY – How Much of a Difference Do We Really Make??

The “Little Guy” is the story of perseverance and dignity for a little horse who did not know how to give up. He has been rewarded with the best life ever because of your support of TPR! We picked him up from a farm in 2007. We were told that the owner/breeder had abandoned him there so the farm just stopped feeding him. LG was an unbroken 5 year old colt. None of the local rescues would ta...
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A New Life Forever

Kim, Thank you so very much for more of LG's story. Needless to say, the tears just won't stop welling up. All of his story is touching and difficult to learn about but the following lines you wrote just leveled me: "I had not seen him yet, so I did not know how bad he was. When I arrived I realized had the mother in law not acted, he would have died. The place was far off the road and...
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Time to Move On

Hi Kim I wanted to let you know that Linda flew in from Vermont yesterday morning and fell in love with Scooter. She is a lovely woman who rides very well and works with aging and injured horses. She rode him yesterday with a grin on her face like a 10 year old and he was so relaxed and happy, Julie and I both knew this was his forever person. She says he will be with her till the day he dies a...
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Scooter went to is first clinic every with Julie Devine up and Steuart Pittman the clinician. Julie said "For his third outing Scooter behaved like a superstar from the beginning. He has such a great attitude. Steuart really liked him and he kept saying "holy moly!" whenever we jumped a fence! It was a very good day!"   Click here to take a look at his jumping skills!   There...
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Scooter Update

I wanted to give you an update about Scooter. He is doing super and we are having a ball. This past week Julie and I took he and Love on a trail ride around St. Mary's Lake (about 8 miles) and we had so much fun. He loves the water and we had a hard time getting him out of it. That was on Friday then on Saturday we did his first schooling show and it was a midnight madness show so we didn't get th...
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A New Family

Meet the Little Guy's new family, the Stiffels. He will have a wonderful life now and there are so many people who had a hand in this. Once in a while a horrible wrong is made right and this one such time. He handled the transition like a champ. He trusts us to make good decisions for him. I know he is where he is supposed to be. He'll always be the Little Guy to me, but he has a new name...
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Becoming an Adult

Mike Dougherty said the Little Guy became a man today. Little Guy had a dental check up and lost his last cap. This usually happens in the 3 year old year, but hey, he has catching up to do. Cherie said "Wow, he lost his "manhood" a couple months ago and now he's a man." Punkie said, "Teeth are important for eating, hoodles aren't useful for anything anyway." Punkie knows!!
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Well, scratch the for sale thing--at least for now. After discussions with friends and trusted advisors, we've decided to keep the Little Guy in training for at least ninety more days. It seems too risky to turn him over to new handlers while he's so green.   Our new improved plan is to get him up to a level where he can compete at schooling shows. Leslie Hardesty, a former student of t...
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