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Overdriven Queen

"Queenie" "Queenie" stands 16 hands and is 6 years old. She is beautiful, sound and has no vices. In addition, Queenie is very sweet and easy to work with on the ground. We accepted her into our training program because she had some very bad training before she came to us. So we are seeking someone with experience to continue the correct training path we have put her on. Right now Queeni...
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Birdie and Wills – A Special Bond

Birdie Wills
    Birdie and Wills came to TPR separately, with the hope they would be retrained and find new lives as riding and sport horses, but this was not to be.  Birdie who raced and then was trained to event was horribly abused before coming to TPR.  He just could never get beyond the defensiveness.  Although we gave him extensive training, he was not able to overcome the ab...
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