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2017 Fall TPR Newsletter


Through placement, support, education and rescue, we strive to make a difference.

Please help us make this difference by supporting our work.    

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You Give These Horses Hope and the Gift of a Happy Future

Meet a few of the horses you help when you support our work.  These are the faces of TPR.  Just some of the horses who are receiving the care, rehabilitation and training they need to have a wonderful life.

WinstonLove“Winston” arrived several months ago because his owner could no longer afford to care for him.  She had gotten him from the track about a year before and had planned to keep him as her riding horse.  Winston has been evaluated and is now in our retraining program which will provide him the skills needed to ensure a successful life as a show or pleasure horse.  He will be available for adoption soon.  Winston had a place to land because of the support we receive from our donors.

Scat is a two year old gelding who was injured in his first race. This injury required surgery so the decision was made to retire him from racing to pursue a career as a pleasure horse. His owner supports our organization and has sent many wonderful horses here for their after care and placement. Scat will be given the time to heal, rehabilitate and then receive the training to evaluate what his best purpose will be. Without you, TPR would not be here for Scat!

LadyChaceFace1Lady is a vision of loveliness both inside and out! She has an impressive race record and then retired to be a brood mare. She had some babies but became difficult to keep in foal so the decision was made to find her a new line of work. She is here at our training center receiving the training needed to be successful in her new endeavor. With those looks and her kind and easy going temperament we think she’s going to be a super star at the age of 12 when we find the right human for her!
 At five months Graycie was rescued by Clark’s mentor in rescue and aftercare. The purchase of Graycie as a yearling is how they met and began Clark’s work with retired racehorses. Graycie, now aged 16, will live out her days in sanctuary with us. She inspired and financed the retirement program we now call Thoroughbred Placement Resources. Almost all of the $85,000 she earned as a racehorse went to helping other racehorses find new lives once their careers ended.
 SandSaveclosecrop1000Birdie was horribly abused after he left racing. He is a kind horse who had lost all hope. Over time he has recovered from much of the abuse he suffered, but due to trust issues, he is not a good riding horse. Birdie and Wills have bonded and find strength in their partnership. Our hope is to keep them together. Birdie participates in our Hero Horses Program. With your help, we will keep them together forever.
WillsSlider1Beautiful Wills is one of those horses who has one issue after another. He is a kind and sweet soul who has suffered epm, ulcers, mysterious lameness that comes and goes in addition to being very reactive when being ridden. He and Birdie are best friends and our goal is to either find them a home together as pasture mates or to keep them here together. They need each other and because of your support, they are able to stay together and participate in our Hero Horses Program.



Your Action is Promoting the Value of Retiring Racehorses

Mystical Harbor shows Thoroughbreds can dance at the Colonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships.

What do you do with a four-year-old barely broke to ride Thoroughbred that spooks and cribs? That horse was Mystical Harbor, or “Fellow” as we call him. For various reasons, his owner could not start him under saddle until he was four and then decided to send him to TPR. By that time, bred to be a racehorse, Fellow was big, strong, and highly reactive. He also was handsome and friendly, but he was not going to be easy to rehome. At TPR, we evaluate each horse as an individual when they first arrive. Executive Director Kimberly Clark says, “I always see the positive in a horse. I think that’s why I got along with almost every horse I rode as an exercise rider. In Fellow’s case, I saw amazing lofty gaits and a serious love for humans.

“The road to success for a Thoroughbred that has raced is the careful training with the understanding how a rider can strengthen the horse and his balance.  Since I started working with Kim and Fellow, Fellow’s character and movement have really improved.“~Linda Zang

Zang is a U.S. Equestrian Federation “S” rated judge, the first U.S.-based judge to reach FEI 5* status, and one of only 25 FEI “O” level dressage judges in the world.  She was a member of the 1980 Olympic Team,

FellowAaron 010
Fellow truly loves people.

He just couldn’t get enough of us!” Now, four years later, that green baby is a rising dressage star and an ambassador for Thoroughbreds everywhere.  He is proof of our belief that Thoroughbred Aftercare does not have to mean rescue.

TPR’s primary goal is to increase demand, particularly among top level riders, for retired racehorses by demonstrating the athleticism and versatility of the Thoroughbred. Clark’s philosophy is that “these horses are bred to perform; there is a retired racer for most any purpose, from trail riding to elite competition.” However, to reach their potential, retired racehorses need time to develop with correct training. Many top riders and professional trainers do not have the time or financial resources to invest in starting from scratch with a retired racehorse when they are regularly offered talented horses with more training. In many cases, Thoroughbreds are resold without receiving the years of training necessary to produce a top athlete.

At one time, Thoroughbreds such as Bally Cor, Jet Run, and Touch of Class enjoyed great success in the Olympic equestrian disciplines, but today many riders favor other breeds. With proper training, Thoroughbreds can be competitive at the top of the show world once again. This success will have a trickle-down effect that will not only increase their value but cause lower level owners to seek trainers with experience with Thoroughbreds. This in turn will make for more success stories and fewer failures. Linda Zang states, “There have been many success stories with Thoroughbreds in the three Olympic Equestrian disciplines, including winning medals. Professionals look for Thoroughbreds to work with – some even come from Europe to try to find the special horse. “

Fellow2017BLMRibbonsMystical Harbor is the embodiment of our efforts to develop Thoroughbreds into elite-level competition athletes through correct training and patient handling. In just four years, he has reached the Third Level of dressage and is competing successfully. At his first Third Level competition, he earned the scores necessary for Clark to receive her Bronze Medal. There are eleven levels of competition in dressage; Third Level is where many horses reach their limit, but Mystical Harbor is just starting to realize his potential. In a sport where Thoroughbreds are a rarity at the higher levels, he is an ambassador for his breed.

Our goal is to take Mystical Harbor all the way to Grand Prix, the highest level of dressage. All Thoroughbred Aftercare organizations will benefit when he shows that Thoroughbreds are capable of greatness in endeavors other than racing. We are seeking sponsors for our journey to Grand Prix. He can do it, but not without your help. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of this incredible team.




The benefits of taking a horse and getting him on the right track – because of your support!

George H. Morris dismounted from Smoke and exclaimed, “You have a Rolls Royce!

Wheresmokethrsfire is a big powerful boy with a heart of gold. He found a home after his racing days ended but three years later he was more horse than his owner could handle. He came to us in the early spring 2017 and has already competed at the very prestigious Upperville Colt and Horse Show, the Piedmont Jumper Classic, as well as the PVDA Ride for Life, a recognized dressage show. TPR is well known for our work getting horses off the “wrong” track and onto the “right” track. “Smoke” is now receiving the fundamental training needed to be a successful jumper. Clark and Smoke work regularly with Gold Medal Olympian Joe Fargis. Joe has liked Smoke from the beginning. When asked for a quote, Joe said, “Smoke is a good learner and citizen. There is some real talent in there.”
In September, Smoke participated in the George H. Morris Clinic at Beverly Farm in The Plains, Virginia. George is an icon among American hunters and show jumpers. He is considered a “founding father” of hunt seat equitation. He also was a chef d’equipe for the United States Equestrian Federation show jumping team. George frequently talks about the advantages of riding, training, and competing on retired Thoroughbred racehorses. We are very proud that he chose Smoke to ride during the clinic. When he dismounted, he exclaimed, “You have a Rolls Royce!”

      “Smoke is a good learner and citizen.  There is some real talent in there.” ~ Joe Fargis  

Presenting properly trained thoroughbreds such as Smoke to top trainers is an important element of what we do. The more other riders and trainers hear icons such as George Morris, Joe Fargis, Jim Wofford, and Linda Zang extol the virtues of Thoroughbreds, the more demand and appreciation there will be for retired racehorses. Ultimately, we will see Thoroughbreds competing and winning at the highest levels, in all disciplines. Then many more will find homes after racing, but this can only happen with your support. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts to showcase the talent, athleticism, and generosity of the Thoroughbred.

2017 #GT Lock Upcrop#GivingTuesday is the kick off of our End of Year Fundraising Campaign.  The horses rely on you and the success of this campaign throughout this next year.  If you are participating in #GivingTuesday, please remember the horses. 

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