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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Thoroughbred Placement Resources Newsletter Fall 2014
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You Gave Her a Chance
Heroes For Horses
Five Years Later…..
Breed Ambassadors
Thank You!
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Through placement, support, education and rescue, we strive to make a difference.

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What Does Your Support Mean?
It Means Everything!

At only two years old, That’s What I Mint was minutes away from being humanely euthanized. TPR was able to step in and get her the much needed care she needed. Today, because of you, Mint is a happy, healthy three year old. 

A frantic call had been made to TPR making a plea for the life of two year old Thoroughbred filly, That’s What I Mint. “In this case, we were able to say YES! We can help her.” said Kimberly Clark, Executive Director of TPR.

Without the extraordinary support of our donors who contributed to our 2013 end of year fundraising campaign, we never could have said yes. With their support, Mint was able to receive that much needed surgery from Spurlock Equine who donated their skills, to repair her displaced slab fracture. Her rest and recovery time on one of our foster farms was made possible by funding received from The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and our donors. Her retraining was made possible by The Rescuing Racers Initiative grant from the ASPCA.

These days Mint is sound and sassy. She was moved to Leighton Farm to begin retraining and then, as in all great stories, there is a happy ending. She found her forever home with the Cook family, where she will be loved as a member of their family and enjoy a forever home. The children spend time with her every day when they get home for school and William, their father works with Mint each day to build trust and develop her into a riding horse, “I am happy to give her all the time she needs. ” says William.

Because of your support, Mint gets to live a happy and pain free life in a loving home.

Our New Heroes For Horses Program
Everybody Wins!

Alicia Watkins and “Birdie” have much in common.  They both have learned to trust again.


When Monty Roberts visited Leighton Farm in August this year, we had no idea it would impact the work we do here at TPR.  He is a force of nature and his passion for both horses and people is contagious. 

We were honored during Monty’s visit by the opportunity to meet Alicia Watkins, a wounded warrior in Afghanistan. With Monty’s help she has courageously put her life back together.  Alicia has a mission to help others who are suffering from the effects of war.  She stated that she connects most easily with retired racehorses because she feels wounded warriors and retired racehorses have much in common.  They both need to rebuild their lives.  Often they both need to learn to trust again.

As a result of this magical event, Thoroughbred Placement Resources is excited and proud to announce our New Heroes For Horses Program in which military veterans will be invited to Leighton Farm to meet and interact with retired Thoroughbred racehorses.  We believe this will help veterans through the healing effect that time with horses provides.  We are also certain this is going to be positive for the horses that come through our program on their way to new homes and lives after their race careers end.

Studies show that horses help people. In this unique and wonderful case, the people they help are helping them back! (Monty Roberts and Kimberly Clark pictured.) 

Nothing will change as far as the work we currently do to find retired racers new lives when their race careers end.  TPR will continue to rehabilitate and place horses through the support of our donors.  “Everybody wins with this program. I truly believe when the veterans participating in our program see horses they worked with finding success in their new lives, they will have a sense of accomplishment and pride because of their part in it.”  states Kimberly Godwin Clark, Executive Director of TPR.


This program is in its infancy but veterans are already coming to the farm and expressing joy at the experience.

Alittle Simplicity
How Much of a Difference Do We Really Make??

Little Guy in 2007 with a Henneke body score of 1.



 The “Little Guy” is the story of perseverance and dignity for a little horse who did not know how to give up. He has been rewarded with the best life ever because of your support of TPR!

We picked him up from a farm in 2007. We were told that the owner/breeder had abandoned him there so the farm just stopped feeding him. LG was an unbroken 5 year old colt. None of the local rescues would take him because he was a colt.

When we became aware of his situation, we went and got him out of there.



Little Guy, Fall 2014 at Surefire Farm is ridden by Sharon White. Photo by Brant Gamma Photos 

There were other horses there being fed and cared for. There he stood in a 12×12 dirt paddock with no shelter or food.

“I have no idea how he survived that long”, said Kimberly Godwin Clark. He survived the transition to Leighton Farm and over the next year we nursed him back to health, castrated him and then broke him to saddle.


In 2009 he became the luckiest horse in the world when Linda Crawford became his devoted owner. Now he lives a life of love and security



For several years he divided his time between Vermont and Virginia and then in 2013 Linda sent him to Sharon White at Last Frontier Farm to be trained as an Event horse. This is what donor support results in, from unwanted starvation case to beloved champion. They just need a chance.

Creating Breed Ambassadors
Once Again, You Made The Difference

Kimberly Godwin Clark on Mystical Harbor at the BLMs.

 In 2014, Mystical Harbor (AKA “Fellow”) qualified at Training Level for the Bengt Ljundquist Memorial Championships (The BLMs), which are the Regional Championships for Dressage. Prior to these championships “Fellow” had competed only three other times.  Even though it was doubtful that he could be competitive–a young, untried Thoroughbred against a lot of seasoned warmbloods–it was thought that showing in such company would be good for him. However, Fellow seemed to thrive in the electric atmosphere at the Lexington, VA, show and placed an amazing 9th out of 50 Training Level Champions!

It is hoped that Fellow will catch the eye of a top dressage rider who will want to take him all the way to the top of national or even international competition.  Both Linda Zang and Elizabeth Madlener see great Grand Prix potential in him.


Fellow’s success is part of Kimberly Clark’s vision for TPR: “A major goal of my work here at Leighton Farm is to create breed ambassadors to pave the way for other special Thoroughbreds.” Kimberly stated. It surely seems that Fellow has done just that!

Mystical Harbor proudly represents his breed-the Thoroughbred!  (photo by picsofyou.com)



TPR has already produced 4 star Eventer, Rocky Times, now competing under the name of Houdini .  He is a solid representative of our work and  showcases the Thoroughbred’s potential in the Eventing World.


Kimberly Godwin Clark is the rider, trainer, and caretaker of the horses at Leighton Farm.   She is also  the founder and Executive Director of Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc.  She donates the use of her farm, her expertise as a rider and trainer to this cause.  All proceeds from the sale of horses such as Mystical Harbor go directly to  TPR to help even more horses find new lives when their race careers end.


They Thank You
Without Your Help, It Doesn’t Happen



Without you and your generous donations, these horses would never receive the chance at a happy future when their race careers end. It is because of you that the initial costs (about $500) can be covered.

When the horses come to Leighton Farm, they receive a veterinary exam, dental check up, vaccinations, deworming, and hoof care by a blacksmith. Along with the these costs…the daily upkeep and care must be factored in:  Horses generally eat a  minimum of a half a bale of hay a day ($3.00),  and additionally require feed ($5 to $8 per horse, per day) and bedding ($5 per horse, per day). These expenses are for basic sustenance and don’t take into account labor, electric, taxes, etc.

Then there is the training that gives each  horse his best chance at being matched to the right.  We always  hope the eventual sale will bring in some  extra funds to keep the charity going, but  some horses require extensive retraining before they can be right for anyone. It is only when their skills are well established that they have a real chance at a great life. Some horses require surgery, and although the surgeries were performed at cost due to the generosity of Spurlock Equine, it is still a four figure number.  Aftercare for surgery includes stall rest and rehabilitation time.  Some horses need to be laid up or given a rest before they can begin their training for a new life. So there are costs of daily care combined with specialized therapy for their rehabilitation.

Each horse we take into our program and eventually offered to the public is healthy, happy, and ready to be productive.  We evaluate the horse and the adopter for a good match. We do not place a horse unless we feel it is a good fit for both the horse and new owner.

All of this is made possible through the efforts of many people.

Mainly though,  it is you…your generosity…your kind hearts…it is YOU that allows TPR to do its work.

We thank you, but even more importantly it is the horses who owe you their lives and their future.  It is for them that you have become a vital part of the team………..



Our Donors ~ The Heartbeat of TPR

It’s Another Great Year of Living Life at Full Tilt with TPR!


2015 is not just another year at Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. It is another year where we are looking forward to doing what we do best…helping thoroughbred horses find new and exciting careers. Of course, we cannot do this without you!
You our dear friends and partners in helping these amazing creatures transition off the track. You are what keeps our cause moving forward so that every year we can help more horses live happy lives.
This year we are ramping up our fundraising efforts to support the horses with this beautiful 8.5″ x 11″, 12 month, 2015 Equine Art Wall Calendar by Barbara Rush – featuring 12 frameable works of inspiring equine art! Worth OVER $500!
Purchase this beautiful wall calendar for yourself, or give it as a gift. This calendar was customized especially for TPR. On our introductory page it tells the TPR story, plus it includes 12 monthly tips for helping us get more thoroughbreds off the track. This makes it a great way to introduce your friends to our cause, with every calendar sale benefiting our charity and the horses we serve!
The horses get $5 for each calendar sold, and you get a beautiful wall calendar…it’s just that easy. Order yours today!
Order now to ensure you have it in for holiday gift giving. Spread the word by sending the link to your friends and family members. Don’t forget to tell share it with your barn community. You can even visit www.goodhorse.org for a printable pdf of a calendar flyer to hang in your tack room.


The Gift That Gives Back! to Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc.