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Hero Horses Program

Empowerment for Active Members of the Military, Wounded Warriors, Veterans and their Families.

The mission of TPR’s Hero Horses Program is to empower veterans and their families by including them in the success of each horse we save.  Through the program we continue to honor our service members and veterans by giving them a sanctuary for healing and learning. The farm is a safe place for veterans to come and find peace as they are working through their transition from the military into their new lives as civilians.  By teaching the veteran to help the horses’ transition from their lives as race horses to new careers we provide them and  their families with a message of hope and strength.

HeroHorsesSquareCome and enjoy the the peace and tranquility of Leighton Farm and her horses.

The Hero Horses program offers American veterans the opportunity to be a part of a magical process.  Studies have shown that horses help people but in this program you will help these incredible horses.  At the very same time you will experience the inner peace that time with horses provides.  As a participant in the program, you will take part in helping retired Thoroughbred racehorses find new lives when their careers end.

Don’t have a lot of experience with horses?  That’s ok because TPR has many wonderful volunteers ready and willing to share their knowledge of all things horse-related.  Hesitant about handling these large creatures?  That’s fine too.  You are welcome to come relax at the farm and take peace in the quiet tranquility that is the hallmark of Leighton Farm.  There is no cost to veterans and we will also be scheduling Farm Family Days when the entire family is invited to come for the day just to enjoy the farm and time with each other.

These brave horses and military veterans have so very much in common.  An immediate comparison can be made from the way these animals ended their service to the racing industry to how our veterans ended their service to our country.  Who could better understand a horse retired at the young age of 3 due to a catastrophic leg injury than the veteran who returned home from deployment with their own traumatic injury.  Through shared experiences, these horses and veterans can find compassion from one another during their journey to the next phase of their lives.  As you watch these horses blossom into their new roles you will gain a sense of pride and empowerment knowing you were an integral part of transition.  The entire experience is beneficial for both horse and human.  There is no cost to you and it is completely confidential.

The Hero Horses program aims to provide participants with an integrative wellness alternative to address the core issues which impact veterans, active military, and their families. Participants will be able to engage in non-traditional, holistic approaches in order to experience a reduction in symptoms such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression.  Hero Horses is a program for veterans created by veterans and aims to meet every participant “where they’re at”.
Program desired outcomes:
-Reduction of symptoms through the five pillars of recovery: energetic body, mind and emotion, food and nutrition, spiritual life, education.
-Development of a support network for participants with other veterans, active military and their families.

Meet the Hero Horses Team!

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