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Irish Deceiver – Found a Home July 2017

We love this boy so much.  I can’t remember having so much fun with a horse!  He is unflappable but at the same time a willing partner.  He trusts and loves people so he doesn’t question the things we ask of him.  I’m sure he thinks we are not the sanest humans he’s encountered during his short life, but he likes us anyway. 

Irish Deceiver is unraced but he was in race training.  It’s no surprise that his race connections decided not to race him since he is so very laid back and quiet.  I give them a lot of the credit for why this horse is so trusting.  Its clear he’s been ridden and trained correctly.   He is only 3 years old.  Irish is a Thoroughbred gelding who currently stands 15.3+ hands with a very solid build.   He’s a very nice mover too!

I had originally planned to put some training on him and then move him on but at present I’m riding 9 per day and I’ve come to the realization that I either need more help or less horses. While I’ve been trying to find more, reliable, skilled help, it hasn’t happened so I’m taking the other route and trying to move some horses on.

Whomever gets this guy will be lucky. He’s beautiful both inside and out. He’s good for the blacksmith and vet although he’s only seen the vet for coggins and vaccinations. He has also seen the dentist and was very good for that as well. He was castrated in the fall 2016. Irish is a baby boy, he’s green and immature with lots of growing and growing up to do. I am riding him 3-4 days per week, hacking around the farm and working in the arena a bit. I have longed him, but I don’t like to do a lot of that with 3 year olds.

Check out his video playlist below to see how unflappable he is when presented with a tarp/liverpool for the first time, clippers, a game of ball and more.  Oh, and there is a video of him being ridden so you can see how he is to ride!



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Click Here to see his video playlist.



Irish is available to a good home where the new owner is either skilled to take over his training or has a competent trainer who will guide them to the success I know Irish is capable of.   While he is very easy going, he still needs someone to show him the way.  He is so kind because of the handling he’s received and I don’t want him to become defensive because he doesn’t have a good teacher.  He is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and offered for a $2,500 adoption fee.


Please email  me at [email protected] or call 240-216-5197 for more information.