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Studies show that horses form lifelong relationships. Birdie and Wills are proof of this. They truly need each other. Birdie was horribly abused before coming to TPR. Although we gave him extensive training, he is not a good riding horse. Despite his past experiences, he is kind and loving. Birdie’s relationship with Wills supports not only his happiness but his health as well. Without your help, we may have to separate them to find them good homes. The expenses for the proper care of a horse in our area is $500 per month and that’s being extremely conservative with resources.  Thoroughbreds require more hay, more grain, protection for their feet in addition to the regular required maintenance such as vaccinations, deworming and dental care. The costs add up quickly.

Wills is a very insecure horse. He believes you run from danger and ask questions later.  Suffering from EPM, Wills has been treated by our great medical team, but this condition has further depleted his extremely fragile confidence.Putting these two friends together has created amazing results. They have formed an incredible bond that has shown incredible benefits for their health and well-being. Your donation will support them to stay together and continue their recovery to a good life. Thank you!