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In Honor and Memorial Donations

The memory of a loved one, friend, or cherished pet or special event will live on through our In Honor Of and Memorial Donation Program.

Honor the one you love while helping Thoroughbred Placement Resources save the lives of retiring racehorses. When you make a donation in honor of a person or pet, the person you designate will receive personalized email and/or a personalized certificate from TPR honoring your donation.  If you provide an address for the honoree or his/her family, we can mail the certificate to them.  All Memorial and In Honor donations will be published on our website on a special page and these funds will be used for one of our at risk horses.  Their name will be placed the TPR Memoriam and In Honor page.  These funds that honor that special someone will be used to truly save a life.  You can submit text and/or a small photo to be displayed.  All submissions are subject to change on the guidance of our technical consultant.  Thank you for giving the gift of life & good health to the horses in our care!

In Honor and Memorial donations can be made by donating online through PayPal or Network For Good or you can mail the donation.  Visit our donation page to donate.   Online donations allow you to make note that you would like to make this an In Honor or Memorial donation.  You can also email us at [email protected].   Be sure to add the text you would like to appear on the certificate and/or website. 


Donate through Network for Good's Secure online service, you need only your credit card.

Donate through Pay Pal.
TPR is approved to receive donations through the CFC.
Click Here to Donate if you are a Federal employee!