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NEW GOODHORSE.ORG – Our New Website to Better Serve You and the Horses

Thoroughbred Placement Resources has completed work on our new website.  We invite you to check it out and share it.  The redesign was done to make it even easier for you to help us help these wonderful horses

We would love your input and suggestions so that we can  develop it into a premiere aftercare website.

Kimberly Godwin Clark, TPR Executive Director  is the creator of the website. She worked under the guidance of Randy Scott who donated all of his time and skills to consult with and instruct Clark.  “Since we try to keep all of our funds going directly to the horses, I have to wear many hats and learn skills I never dreamed I wanted to master!”  Clark said of building the website.  “If I hadn’t had the help of Randy Scott, I’d still be struggling to get the fundamentals done; instead we have a site that looks like a professional built it.”

We are also launching the first in a series of video segments based on the retraining manual, New Track, New Life, written by Clark in order to help those people who have or wish to have a retired racehorse.  They are offered free in order to reach as many people as possible.  They could not have been created if not for the work of Christopher Smith who donated his incredible talents to the project.  The first segments, ”Feeding for Health and Calmness”, cover the feeding program TPR and Leighton Farm use.  You can see these segments soon by going to the TPR website and checking out New Track, New Life.

You can also see Christopher’s other work by going to www.chris-smith.net.