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“I bought this book hoping it would help me understand my OTTB mare better, and it has been awesome! Kimberly Clark is very detailed and thorough, and the information provided explains so much without being boring or hard to understand. It has been extremely helpful and I recommend it to anyone who currently owns or is thinking about owning an Off Track Thoroughbred! I was also pleasantly surprised to read that the author is actually in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, very close to me!” ~ Chef Steph

Absolutely fantastic book if you have an OTTB, particularly if you’re not familiar with the differences between how a horse at the track is ridden versus a horse in any other discipline. Should help a lot to avoid misunderstandings between the OTTB and their new owner. Also a lot of helpful information in how to care for your new horse once he’s off the track. Highly recommend this book, even for very experienced horse people who may not be familiar with the differences in how racehorses are ridden. Great book!” ~ Kangi

This book is so good, I can’t hardly put it down. I have my highlighter next to me while I’m reading it. I have a several sentences and paragraphs highlighted to look back on that gave me great information on how to train my OTTB Thoroughbred. The writer makes everything so much clearer to understand. I can actually picture her training ideas in my head and on my horses back. I wish I could meet her in person and watch her work with her horses. Thank you so much.” ~ Amazon Customer


You can go to AmazonSmile.com to purchase this book in print, audio or kindle format.  AmazonSmile is the same website as Amazon except Thoroughbred Placement & Rescue (our original name) and the horses will benefit from all your purchase.