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“Opie” as we call him is a wonderful soul both inside and out. He is kind and gentle. At one time he competed in hunters, but that was long ago. He participated in a therapy program for veterans and was a big hit. He also was good with children, but not for riding, he’s kinda tall at 16.3 hands. Opie is here at Leighton Farm because his owner is having serious unforeseen life changes and he desperately needed a place to go.

While he has been known to stall walk, he doesn’t do it here at all. I think he might do well in a full turn-out situation as long as there were shelter of course. When he came here, he would panic when ridden and it took me awhile to figure him out but once I put a hackamore in his mouth, he was able to continue to be the calm, easy going guy he always is on the ground. I’ve been hacking him around the farm and putting around in the dressage arena as well. I don’t know if he will ever be able to do more than that, but I am now ready to begin looking for his next home because I am very confident he could be successful as a trail/pleasure horse and at the age of 13, that might be the best future anyway.

He doesn’t really have any vices, but as I said, he used to be a real stall walker and while he has never hurt or dropped anyone who has been on him while here, he did used to be very nervous to ride until we switched to the hackamore.

Opie is beautiful both inside and out.

Opie is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. HIs adoption fee is $1,200 and you must be qualified to adopt him. Please, email me at [email protected] for more information.