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You Give These Horses Hope and the Gift of a Happy Future!

Meet the horses you help when you support our work.  These are the faces of TPR.  The horses who are receiving the care, rehabilitation and training they need to have a wonderful life.

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Your support gave Scat Jack the year he needed to heal and recover from his surgery.  It meant the difference between a life of pain or a productive life with a future.  Scat is now 3 years old, and has grown to a little over 16 hands.  He’s successfully rehabilitated from his surgery and participating in our very successful retraining program.  He’s now looking for his forever home.  All of this has been possible because of the support we receive from you!


“Punkie”, registered name, Dancing Spunky will be 30 years old in 2018.  He spends his days being pensioned with Cloud’s Honor, the love of his life.  He is also the safe, calm Ambassador of Retired racehorses when people come to Leighton Farm to learn and help.  Punkie was a modest racehorse but he did his best each and every time he raced.  His career ended with a catastrophic fracture to a sesamoid taking two years to become sound.  Once sound, he was a reliable race horse pony, teaching countless horses to be ridden and gallop.
Lady is a vision of loveliness both inside and out!  She has an impressive race record and then retired to be a brood mare.  She had some babies but became difficult to keep in foal so the decision was made to find her a new line of work.  She is here at our training center receiving the training needed to be successful in her new endeavor.  With those looks and her kind and easy going temperament we think she’s going to be a super star at the age of 12 when we find the right human for her!


At five months Graycie was rescued by Clark’s mentor in rescue and aftercare. The purchase of Graycie as a yearling is how they met and began Clark’s work with retired racehorses. Graycie, now aged 16, will live out her days in sanctuary with us. She inspired and financed the retirement program we now call Thoroughbred Placement Resources. Almost all of the $85,000 she earned as a racehorse went to helping other racehorses find new lives once their careers ended.
Birde and Wills

Birdie and Wills have both suffered in their past.  They bonded and have found strength in their partnership.  They need each other and because of your support, we have been able to keep them together while we look for a home. We continue to seek a suitable adopter who will keep them together but this is a very difficult placement since neither is a good riding horse.  We are holding a campaign to cover their expenses so they may stay together.   They need your help.


Sassy is a 6 year old mare who recently arrived (December 2018) at Leighton Farm.  She is being evaluated but is available for adoption to an approved home.  She will receive the ground work and training needed to have a successful future because of the generosity of our donors.
TPROpenHouse Gather Around or Gus as we call him is 22 years old.  He suffered a catastrophic fracture to his accessory carple bone, but with love and dedication, healed and became sound to ride after several years of rest and rehabilitation.  Gus now is a supreme Ambassador of the gentleness of retired racers.  
Jed Tennessee arrived in December 2018 and is being evaluated.  He is an extremely special horse with great talent.  He is already enjoying our retraining program.  He is available for adoption to an approved home but will continue to receive the retraining needed to have a happy future.  This is all thanks to our donors.
FellowAaron 010Q.  What do you do with a four-year-old barely broke to ride Thoroughbred that spooks and cribs?

A.  You turn him into an Ambassador for his breed and show people that Thoroughbreds CAN compete against any breed for horse!

Bred to be a racehorse, Fellow was big, strong and highly reactive but he also showed great potential – if he received training.  Without you, he would never have the chance to shine a light on his breed as a Third Level dressage competitor on the National stage.  Read more about Fellow……

GeorgeMorrisSmokeWheresmokethrsfire was sent to us last year because he was not a good fit for his owner.  He was put into our retraining program to receive the training needed to enjoy a successful future.  Because of you, he now has the skills he needs.  Smoke is currently available for adoption.  We expect him to find his forever home in the near future.  None of this would happen without the support of our donors.


Read more about Smokie……

12647093_953127861390971_9102116360863651177_nScotty has had a busy life.  He is a West Virginia bred Who raced at Charlestown but did not have what it takes to be a successful racehorse.  He then was purchased and shipped to England to be trained as an Eventer.  He was competing at the 2* level, which is one level under Olympic level, when he was brought back to the US where he successfully communicated that he did not want to event any longer.  He was sent to TPR at the age of 16.  Now 18 years old, Scotty resides at Leighton Farm.  While he is not interested in the upper levels of eventing, he is a crack jumper and does much to promote the cause of Thoroughbred potential.