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Afleet Kopper

AFLEET KOPPER Finding That Special Partner It was love at first sight for Monica and Afleet Kopper or “Coffey”. After taking a hiatus from riding to raise a family, Monica realized that she missed horses. So she adopted two elderly equines from a rescue group. While she loved her lawn ornament retirees, after about a year, she found that she wanted to adopt a horse that she might be able to ride. She looked at a few other horses, all off the track thoroughbreds, but n...
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Coach Potenza

COACH POTENZA That Special Horse There are lots of reasons why a retired racehorse is a great choice to be your next riding partner, but sometimes they exceed our expectations.  When dressage rider Melissa Quinan decided it was time to get her own horse, she really wanted a Warmblood, the preferred breed in the dressage world.  But they are pricey and Melissa’s horse had to fit within her ICU nurse’s income.  She devised a plan to get to her goal.&n...
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Not Too Spicy!

NOT TOO SPICY A Thank You From His Adopter     Kimberly Godwin Clark, Executive Director of Thoroughbred Placement Resources contacted Not Too Spicy’s adopter to interview her about how things were going. “ I told her I would like to do an article for our end of year newsletter about their story.  She readily offered to email new pictures and details about what they’ve been up to.  When I received her email, I was deeply touched.  I co...
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The Truth About Whiskey and Gambling

WHISKEY AND GAMBLING Your Gift of Time to Make the Right Match   Rye and Rico.  Rico is a pit bull terrier who was having his first experience with horses. He and Rye hit it off immediately."Winston” registered name Whiskey n Gambling arrived at TPR during the summer of 2017 because his owner could no longer afford to care for him.   He had been rescued from the track the prior year and was intended to be a pleasure horse for his owner.  We evalu...
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Dancing Spunky

If you visit Leighton Farm, home of Thoroughbred Placement Resources, you will have the special opportunity to meet the best horse in the world. Dancing Spunky was foaled in Glyndon, Maryland in 1988. He was bred by Bobby Adams and his wife, who raced their own horses with Bobby acting as trainer. Both had high hopes for this guy since he was out of their Stakes producing mare Plumly Solo and by Dancing Count. Dancing Spunky entered race training late at the age of 3, for no other reason than...
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Zen and Kelly Rebound

She raced as Rebounding, but her friends call her Zen. This friendly Thoroughbred filly, born on April Fool's Day 2007, had made just one start, and then found herself in need of a new career. The high school student who met Zen seven years later was also looking to bounce back. Kelly wanted a first horse to help her build up her confidence as a rider. Finding Something Special The first thing you notice when looking at pictures of Kelly and Zen is how snuggly they are. They clearly have so...
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Sepulveda Finds Her Way

by Eleanor Davis Kay Corcoran Hart wasn’t necessarily looking for a horse a year ago, but Kim Godwin Clark, founder and trainer at Thoroughbred Placement Resources, invited her to come meet a Thoroughbred mare named Sepulveda anyway.... A Great Brain Kay certainly wasn’t expecting a quiet, willing partner when she swung a leg over the young thoroughbred on that windy winter day, but that is exactly what she found in Veda. “That’s what Kim kept impressing on me, that [Veda]...
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Boyd and Scott – Dynamic Duo

     by Eleanor Davis       When your interests range from Eventing to fox hunting to trail riding to park patrol, what kind of horse do you ride? While Thoroughbreds are famous for their blistering speed on the track, Scott Nickel has found a willing partner for all of his equestrian pursuits in Boyd, an off the track Thoroughbred. Versatile Breed       A fan of the breed, Nickel began looking for a new partner as...
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Reggie Rises

Beth deStanley goes all in when it comes to her farm, Foxrock Stables. When she's not teaching, training, managing the boarding business, or coaching, she's showing. She and her husband and daughters enjoy going to horse shows in and around Virginia, trailering the family's favorite mounts, and showing when they can. A few towns from Foxrock lived Reggie, a bay who raced as Roaring Point. A lingering leg injury left him with a persistent infection.  He was sidelined, standing in a field....
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Alittle Simplicity gets Alotta Love

The “Little Guy”  is the story of perseverance and dignity for a little horse who did not know how to give up. He has been rewarded with the best life ever because of your support of TPR! We picked him up from a farm in 2007.  We were told that the owner/breeder had abandoned him there so the farm just stopped feeding him.  LG was an unbroken 5 year old colt.  None of the local rescues would take him because he was a colt.  When we became aware of his si...
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Not Apologizing

We became aware of “Pauley” registered name Not Apologizing, in December 2014 when we received a call from Bowie Training Center. His owner was distraught and not sure what would become of him. She was seriously considering humane euthanasia because she didn’t think anyone would be willing to take him on with the injury he had. Kimberly Clark made the trip to Bowie the day after her conversation with a good Samaritan at Bowie. What she found was an adorable and extremely sweet three year ol...
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Cleveland Gets to Breathe!

Cleveland - registered name Clever Notion suffers from paralysis of his left vocal cord which is often called “roaring.” Imagine struggling for each breath while having to carry out a job that requires you to carry a human around. Horses are expensive and it's very hard to find them a place in this world if they can't be ridden, especially when they are young.  At the age of 5, Cleveland likely has 25 to 30 years of life left. Our goal:  To give him the gift of a c...
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Learning to Dance

by EvelynAnn Bruno What do you do with a retired racehorse named Salsa? Well, you take her out dancing, of course! Julie Parent was looking for just the right dressage prospect and after much searching a dear friend and Equine Massage Therapist Betsy Novotny, suggested Julie contact Thoroughbred Placement Resources (TPR). Head Trainer, Kimberly Godwin Clark suggested Julie go to foster facility Six M Farm to see what was available. Salsa (barn name Elsa) was adopted by Julie Parent Januar...
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Lionshare and Whitney Realize the Dream!

by Eleanor Davis Most dressage riders yearn to earn their USDF bronze medal and move up the levels with their equine partner. While Whitney Johnson's to-do list includes the typical goals, like moving up a level and improving her horse's medium trot, she also has a dream that's a little bit different from the norm. She hopes to ride her Maryland-bred Off the Track Thoroughbred, Lion's Share, in a freestyle demonstration at Maryland Million Day to raise awareness about the breed's talent for d...
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Turning Questions into Confidence with Tiffany, Titan and James

When Tiffany Wandy finished graduate school and began working, she started looking for a horse. But not just any horse. Tiffany had set her sights on upper level eventing, and needed the right partner to compete with the best. Where could she find the smart athletic prospect she needed? At first, her search led nowhere. She checked out countless horses, ads and videos. "I knew what I was looking for, and I hadn't really found the right horse. I was leasing a horse at the time and board...
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Minutes Away From Euthanasia, TPR is Able to Help

A frantic call had been made to TPR making a plea for the life of two year old Thoroughbred filly, That’s What I Mint. “In this case, we were able to say YES! We can help her,” said Kimberly Clark, Executive Director of TPR. Without the extraordinary support of our donors who contributed to our 2013 end of year fundraising campaign, we never could have said yes. Mint had never even raced and now had a slightly displaced slab fracture. The prognosis was very good, with surgery and time to ...
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No Day Off

We specialize in the placement of retiring racehorses.  We want the horse to avoid the need to be rescued by providing better options for people and by increasing the value of these wonderful horses.  We actively aid in their placement by training and promoting each horse and by educating others on how to be successful with off the track Thoroughbreds.  We help through Assisted Placement because funding is limited.  Please take some time to read about some of our success stor...
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The Sugarcreek Six

"I would like to share this story of tragedy with everyone I can because I know there is power in knowledge and with this power, we can change things. There are many heroes who put their souls on the line to make people aware of what's going on. Anne Russek, is one of those heroes. I am honored to know her. What she has done will have the most meaning if you share this with everyone you know so her work and sacrifice can motivate people to take the necessary action that will end this needless su...
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