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Overdriven Queen


“Queenie” stands 16 hands and is 6 years old. She is beautiful, sound and has no vices. In addition, Queenie is very sweet and easy to work with on the ground. We accepted her into our training program because she had some very bad training before she came to us. So we are seeking someone with experience to continue the correct training path we have put her on. Right now Queenie is doing so great! She is relaxed and confident in a bitless bridle. We’ve hacked out and about around the farm and also ride her in the arena with great results. She leg yields and is building a topline as her confidence begins to soar. In a bridle with a bit – any kind of bit – she is tense. We believe someone must have been very harsh to her mouth. Being the sweet, kind soul that she is, she doesn’t do anything wrong but is on the edge. In the bitless, she is the horse we all knew she should be, relaxed, confident and happy. Therefore, we are seeking someone who doesn’t mind riding her in a bitless bridle.

Queenie was lightly raced, making only three starts before it was clear she didn’t want to be a racehorse. She does have two splints, one on each front leg but they are not located where they interfere with tendons so they are cosmetic. She also has very mild laryngeal hemiplegia but is not a loud breather when she works.

Overdriven Queen is an athletic and talented mare.

Queenie is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. You must be qualified to adopt her. Please, email me at [email protected] for more information.