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Afleet Kopper


Finding That Special Partner

It was love at first sight for Monica and Afleet Kopper or “Coffey”. After taking a hiatus from riding to raise a family, Monica realized that she missed horses. So she adopted two elderly equines from a rescue group. While she loved her lawn ornament retirees, after about a year, she found that she wanted to adopt a horse that she might be able to ride. She looked at a few other horses, all off the track thoroughbreds, but nothing really clicked. That is, until she met Afleet Kopper.

Afleet Kopper, like many thoroughbreds, was bred and trained to be a racehorse. Unfor-tunately, when he was two, Afleet Kopper broke his ankle on the track and was supposed to be put down. However, the colt’s caregivers would not allow that to happen. “They really loved him and felt like he was a very gentle horse,” Graham explains. Even as a track-fit youngster, Afleet Kopper was an old soul. He was able to tolerate the long stall rest he needed to heal, first from the fracture, and then from an abscess that had developed during the recovery period.

Coffey’s easy going nature is exactly what drew Monica in right away. When she went to look at him, they put him into the cross ties to groom and tack him up. “He was basically half asleep!” Monica remembers. She gave him a hug right away, and he leaned into her, completely trusting and sweet. Monica knew that she definitely didn’t care about jumping or competing – she wanted a friend and a pet. And Coffey was happy to be just that.


Coffey proved to be a quiet, willing partner on the trail, and Monica has ridden him around her farm as well as friend’s houses. Once her kids are off to college, she’d like to explore surrounding state park trails with Coffey. For now though, Monica enjoys just hanging out with Kofi and having him on her property. His relaxed nature makes him a great companion. He also has a sense of humor! One of his favorite things to do is play tag with Monica’s great dane, as well as her miniature donkey, Stewie. “The donkey will go up to Coffey and poke him in the butt with a stick,” says Monica. “He is normally very chill and mellow but you can get his goat pretty easily!” He has also been inside Monica’s house!

Coffey’s relaxed nature and funny personality makes him a wonderful ambassador for his breed, but most importantly, he’s a wonderful friend!