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Cleveland Gets to Breathe!

Cleveland – registered name Clever Notion suffers from paralysis of his left vocal cord which is often called “roaring.”

Imagine struggling for each breath while having to carry out a job that requires you to carry a human around.

Horses are expensive and it’s very hard to find them a place in this world if they can’t be ridden, especially when they are young.  At the age of 5, Cleveland likely has 25 to 30 years of life left.

Our goal:  To give him the gift of a comfortable and useful life by making it possible for him to breathe.

The way to help Cleveland was  “tie back,” or prosthetic laryngoplasty which replaces the paralyzed muscle with a suture to hold the affected cartilage out of the airway for exercise.   Without this surgery, he would struggle to breathe for the rest of his life.

Due to the generosity of our donors, Cleveland received the surgery he needed in October.  He will have 6 weeks stall rest and then will transition to turn out  for another 6 weeks and finally enter the TPR retraining program where he will receive the skills he needs for a successful future.

Once he completes the training program and we determine what his best use will be, he will be carefully matched with the perfect human partner to begin a long and happy life free from the struggle for each breath.

Cleveland is fortunate to have Spurlock Equine Services  on his side.  They donated their services and performed the surgery at cost.   The funds to cover the surgery cost and recovery time came from the generosity of donor gifts.

The expense of retraining has been covered by grants and private donations.  Without you, Cleveland would face an uncertain and uncomfortable future.