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FixedIncome Larry

“Moby” and Laura have a very special bond.

Fixedincome Larry aka “Moby” retired from racing as a 5-year-old colt after racing successfully at Belmont Park in New York.   He arrived at Leighton Farm, the home of Thoroughbred Placement Resources, in October 2019.   Immediately he demonstrated his calm demeanor and class.  Even before castration, he was hacking around the farm with volunteers and enjoying his new leisurely life.  He quickly accepted that coltish behavior was not acceptable.  It took only one turnout with Gus, a 25-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, for him to learn that he should not invade the personal space of other horses.  

In January 2020, Kimberly Clark, head trainer and founder of TPR, brought Moby to Laura Van Waardenburg at Swallowtail Farm to serve as a companion for her other OTTB.  Moby quickly won a place in Laura’s heart with his charming good looks and sweet disposition.  She formally adopted him just two months later on his sixth birthday which fell on Friday, March 13.

Moby is a shining example of one of the many wonderful retired racehorses to benefit from being retrained by Kim Clark at Leighton Farm. Laura says, “He is a joy to have around the farm. I absolutely adore him!”


Moby spends his days at Swallowtail Farm in Virginia lounging in large, lush pasture, getting treats from the Carrot Fairy in the evenings and learning the basics of dressage. But most importantly he has become an integral part of Laura’s Psychotherapy practice, where he interacts with her clients providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Laura says, “Moby is the best co-therapist I have ever worked with! He has such a big heart and instinctually knows exactly what each client needs to feel better.”