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Not Apologizing

firsthuntWe became aware of “Pauley” registered name Not Apologizing, in December 2014 when we received a call from Bowie Training Center. His owner was distraught and not sure what would become of him. She was seriously considering humane euthanasia because she didn’t think anyone would be willing to take him on with the injury he had. Kimberly Clark made the trip to Bowie the day after her conversation with a good Samaritan at Bowie. What she found was an adorable and extremely sweet three year old gelding. Like most retiring racehorses he simply needed an opportunity. While he did suffer from a non-displaced fracture to his sesamoid bone, the remedy was simply time to heal. He owner thought because he would need stall rest and then rehabilitation before retraining could begin, that no one would want him. Several days after the visit to Bowie, we picked Pauley up and took him to the farm to begin his new life.

At this point he underwent 4 months of stall rest which he handled like a champ! After that he was restarted with the basics that every riding horse needs upon retiring from race training. He was entered in the Retired Racehorse Retraining Makeover to take place in October 2015 in Kentucky but TPR trainer/rider was severely injured in the spring breaking 5 ribs and her scapula. This made it necessary to offer him for adoption much sooner than we had planned. Luckily, he found a great forever home as a budding fox hunter. He is thriving in his new life and representing Thoroughbreds with is calm demeanor and beautiful way of going.