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Not Too Spicy!


A Thank You From His Adopter



Kimberly Godwin Clark, Executive Director of Thoroughbred Placement Resources contacted Not Too Spicy’s adopter to interview her about how things were going. “ I told her I would like to do an article for our end of year newsletter about their story.  She readily offered to email new pictures and details about what they’ve been up to.  When I received her email, I was deeply touched.  I contemplated for a day or so and then decided that I cannot tell this story better than Megan had.” Clark said. 

A little about Spicy, he left the track at the age of 3 and went to a wonderful owner who wanted only the best for him.  The years passed and she began to have health issues causing her to need help in rehoming Spicy to a safe place.  She did everything she could to prepare him for rehoming, including sending him to a trainer but a home could not be found.  Spicy was on the wait list to get into the TPR program and arrived at Leighton Farm this summer.  We were able to evaluate him to determine what sort of home  he would need.  Being 12 years old with only basic training is a tough placement but it can be done if there are resources to enable it.  We were able to do this because of you, our donors.  Without your funding and support this happy story could not have happened.  Below is the touching email from Megan, Spicy’s proud owner:

Spicy has been with me 4 months (exactly to the day today!) But I feel like I’ve had him so much longer. He’s the most sensitive horse I’ve ever worked with which can make him difficult at times but also extremely rewarding. He’s becoming the kind of horse that I know would walk through fire for me if I needed him to.

Spicy and Megan enjoy a lesson.

Unfortunately our first little horse trial got cancelled due to rain, but I think it was kismet because I still think it was a little too big of an ask so soon for him. All the pieces are there and I know I just need to be patient and kind, and he’ll give me more than any other horse has.

He self-loads and trail rides fantastic. I LOVE trail riding this horse. We’re currently working on logging hours for TRRIP awards which is a really excellent way to get involved with TIP without even needing to compete. We’re well on our way to our 25 hour patch 🙂 We went on an 8 mile ride that involved a couple road crossings and some rocky terrain and Spicy led for most of it. While he was very careful to alert our group to the benches dotted along the trail he otherwise had a very cool head even though we passed other horses, bicyclists, baby carriages and even some hunters! At the end of the ride he felt like he was more than ready to do another 8.

We’ve also begun taking lessons with a local USDF silver medalist who absolutely adores him. She’s really helped me in working on unlocking the tension he has over his back and getting him to stretch into the bit. It’s been slow progress but he tries so hard, and he really blew her out of the water with his amazing canter.

I haven’t jumped him since I took him cross country schooling at the end of September. I feel like we have plenty to work on without drilling him to jump on very soft ground and hurting his confidence. But oh my god, that schooling trip. His jump is unbelievable and he absolutely strutted back to the trailer when we were done.

I’m still not sure what I want to ‘do’ with Spicy yet. My only goal so far with him is to have a good relationship and let him tell me what he likes. All I know is that every day going to see him at the barn is a pleasure and I am so, so fortunate to have this horse in my life.

From Patti, his owner who contacted us for help.  “This makes me feel SO good about Spicy’s  new home.  Megan obviously loves him, has really figured him out, and totally gained his trust.  I wanted the best for him and I couldn’t have asked for more! “


Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018 kicks off your end of year fundraising campaign. We need you. To help the horses go to goodhorse.org or mail to TPR, 13130 Molly Berry Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Call us at 410-802-8425.
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