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Reggie Rises

roaring-point-reggieBeth deStanley goes all in when it comes to her farm, Foxrock Stables. When she’s not teaching, training, managing the boarding business, or coaching, she’s showing. She and her husband and daughters enjoy going to horse shows in and around Virginia, trailering the family’s favorite mounts, and showing when they can.

A few towns from Foxrock lived Reggie, a bay who raced as Roaring Point. A lingering leg injury left him with a persistent infection.  He was sidelined, standing in a field. Instead of healing, his infection (a sequestra) was getting worse.

Reggie’s TPR Transformation

Reggie’s owner contacted TPR. He needed surgery, or he would need to be put down if he didn’t get treatment in time. But his former owner “couldn’t go through with it.” Without help, Reggie’s future was very dark. But with TPR’s intervention, he could get the surgery he needed, and his prognosis was excellent. 

TPR took Reggie in. Thanks to the generous and wonderful services of Spurlock Equine, Reggie received the life-saving procedures he needed. Then, as he progressed through recovery and retraining, Kimberly Clark told her friend Diana McClure, an expert horse woman with ties to the hunter jumper community about Reggie’s potential. Diana was friends with Beth.

Thanks But No Thanks

Beth wasn’t looking for another horse. The idea wasn’t even on her mind.

Still, Diana gave Beth a call.

“I have a horse for you, ” Diana told her. And Beth answered, “No, you don’t. I don’t need another horse. I just don’t.”

But Diana kept going on and on about him. “Beth, you have got to come see this horse. He’s fabulous — he’s wonderful. You’ll love him. He’s like the perfect horse.”

“Diana, I need another horse like I need another hole in my head.”

Finally, Beth agreed to come over to Diana’s farm to have a look at Reggie.

Beth had to admit, he was lovely. “But,” she told Diana, “I do not need another horse. Yes, he would be perfect for my husband to jump. But, you know, we’ve got too many horses right now.”    

The discussion seemed to be over.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Sometime later, Beth and her husband needed stop by and pick something up at Diana’s farm. They didn’t plan to see Reggie. “So, we go over there,” Beth recalls, “and Diana pulls the horse out. My husband looks and me and says, ‘Will you work with him for me, Beth?'”

Beth had to agree, “Yes. He’d make a great horse for you.”

The next thing Beth knew, Diana had Reggie on the trailer, and the 10-year-old was on his way to his new home, with a chance at a new life.

A Revelation in the Show Ring

In a few short months, Reggie’s hunter-jumper life began. Beth started taking him in Green Hunter classes, jumping at the 2’6 level. And her husband began showing him in adult amateur hunter classes.

How did he get on? “It’s rare when he’s NOT either Champion or Reserve,” she reports.

What does Beth’s family think? Her husband loves him. Her daughters ride him at home. Beth’s 15-year-old daughter has shown him in some flat classes.

There’s a lot to like about him, Beth explains. “He’s very level-headed. He’s got a very good brain. And he wants to please you. He wants to make you happy. It doesn’t take him very long to figure out something new. His whole attitude is ‘Okay, if you want me to do it, I’ll do it!'”

He has a great attitude about his job. “Whatever you ask him to do, he wants to do it well.”

Advice for the Undecided Rider

Did Reggie’s racing background make Beth hesitate to take him on as a family horse?

Beth didn’t need to think twice. “I’ve had off-the-track horses my entire life,” she explains. “It gave me no pause whatsoever.”

What would Beth say to those who might be on the fence about riding an ex-racehorse?

“I would tell them, try them. Most of my best horses have come off the racetrack. Just try them. I’m a big fan of the Thoroughbreds. I think they’re smart. I think they catch on faster. And once they get it, they GET it!”

A Happy Ending, Thanks to You

Your support and donations are the reason for Reggie’s success story. Your generosity becomes life-saving surgery, second chances, and blue ribbons for TPR horses, because these things can’t happen without you! Thank you for being part of the TPR community, and for your continued support!