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The Truth About Whiskey and Gambling


Your Gift of Time to Make the Right Match


Rye and Rico.  Rico is a pit bull terrier who was having his first experience with horses. He and Rye hit it off immediately.”Winston” registered name Whiskey n Gambling arrived at TPR during the summer of 2017 because his owner could no longer afford to care for him.   He had been rescued from the track the prior year and was intended to be a pleasure horse for his owner.  We evaluated Winston and thanks to our donors we were able to put him in our retraining program where he demonstrated the skills to ensure a successful life as a pleasure or show horse.  In November of 2017, Winston was adopted by Trish Hechter, of Hechter Equine Body Works. She acquired him because she had lost her mare of 22 years and new that TPR was the place to go to find a new horse.

Trish is very happy with the adoption saying, “Kim has a nice eye for a horse and she is part horse herself, so she isn’t going to attract a horse that is going to be a problem in the first place, so I felt very comfortable getting a horse from her.”  Once Trish brought Winston home, she renamed him Rye.  “Rye is wonderful. I love Rye”, she goes on to say, adding “He is nice because he is not a baby, but he is a baby.   He is six years old this year and so it was very nice because he already knew how to go trail riding. He has been off the track about a year and a half, so, it was nice for me that I didn’t have to do all that work. Rye was a snuggle bug, he is extremely affectionate. Rye has grown over the past year so he’s about 16.2 now. He’s cool, the last month or so he is really coming into his own”.

When asked how he transitioned to a barn with four other horses, Trish stated “He was very very easy.    He gets along nicely with everybody.  I put him in a field next to the other gang and then I put each one in with him for a half a day or all night or something like that and in a couple of days he was getting along with everybody. He was happy.”

As for considering adoption, Trish advises “Take your time.  Know that to do the job well in transitioning a horse off the race track, and in truth it doesn’t matter if the horse was only there for training or whether he was there for ten years, it’s going to take a good 18 to 24 months to get the horse where you really are happy with him and you are moving forward more days than not”.  With the help of TPR, Rye was easily transitioned to a wonderful pleasure horse in less than a year.

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