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Sepulveda Finds Her Way

by Eleanor Davis

Kay Corcoran Hart wasn’t necessarily looking for a horse a year ago, but Kim Godwin Clark, founder and trainer at Thoroughbred Placement Resources, invited her to come meet a Thoroughbred mare named Sepulveda anyway….


A Great Brain

Kay certainly wasn’t expecting a quiet, willing partner when she swung a leg over the young thoroughbred on that windy winter day, but that is exactly what she found in Veda. “That’s what Kim kept impressing on me, that [Veda] had this great brain, and it’s absolutely true,” Kay explains. Kim noticed the horse’s exceptional personality from their very first ride. As the pair was warming up, a large tarp got loose and was hurtling towards the arena. While Kim expected the worst, and was preparing to do an emergency dismount, Veda simply looked at the tent and went about her business. At that moment, she knew Veda was truly something special.

A Growing Partnership

As Kay’s partnership with the mare has grown, she’s found Veda to be a consistently confident, intelligent horse. Kay has continued to develop her dressage work while lightly starting her over fences as well. Kay has also discovered that Veda loves to go on trails. “I took her out to a local park recently, and we came across these long stairs, almost like what you’d find on a cross country course, and she went up them like a mountain goat,” she says. With her natural athleticism, good temperament and love of the outdoors, Kay hopes to begin working towards an eventing career.

Kay recently took her to her first schooling show, and despite the unfamiliar environment, Veda upheld her sweet, easygoing self. While she balked at getting in the trailer at first, as soon as Kay led her up and told her it was okay, she hopped right aboard, proving the depth of their newfound bond.

 Beyond her good temperament under saddle, Kay enjoys Veda’s personality on the ground as well. “She’s been the barn favorite everywhere I’ve had her,” she explains. The mare has several silly personality quirks. “She will only eat apples if they’re cut nice and small, and she’ll do anything for a peppermint” Kay relates, “If you turn your back and aren’t paying attention to her, she paws in the air so you can’t tell she’s pawing.” Sometimes this funny habit is so dramatic that it led the owner of the barn to believe she was colicking. Luckily, it turned out Veda was just pawing because no one was paying attention to her. Veda also enjoys galloping in groups, but despite her breeding, has no desire to pass other horses. However, Kay has found that her early race training has translated into skills needed under saddle. If she shifts her weight back at a gallop, the mare easily rates, which will prove useful on the cross country course.

In the future, Kay hopes to continue to develop her in all three phases of the sport, and eventually show her in eventing. She also plans to work with Stuart Pittman, the founder of the Retired Racehorse Project. Kay and Veda look forward to many years of learning and showing together as a powerful and trusting team. 

It Takes A Village!

Of Spanish descent, the name Sepulveda is taken from a village in Spain.  It truly takes a village to make these stories happen.  Without you, your help, support and donations these new partnerships cannot happen.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.