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Terry’s Dancer

When Terry”s Dancer (or Tee as I call her) waltzed into my life in December 2017, I’d just aged out of the juniors and was coming off my a pretty successful show career on my large pony. I’d had the opportunity to show horses on occasion and even had Rock’n’Bid in his 17.1hh glory as my own horse, but he gets anxious in the ring so I didn’t really have anything that I was excited about.

Then came Tee. After seeing the first pictures of her I was in love. A pretty, plain bay with a kind eye. After our first ride I knew she had the potential to be a superstar. I wish I could say everything’s been easy with her, but it hasn’t. She has her quirks and at the beginning they were hard to work with because she didn’t trust us. Over the last nearly two years we’ve gone slow building up trust and coaxing her out of her shell. She’s transformed into the most loving horse and it truly astounds me. I can cuddle with her over her stall door, I can go in the stall and love on her, even during naptime. I can go into the field and catch her with no issues. We still have iffy moments under saddle every now and then but when I’m home for long periods like winter and summer break she improves with every single ride.

Back in May we took her to a local horse show in the 2 foot division, which had over 10 horses in it, and she came home with 2 sixth places and a fifth. Her division went first thing that morning and she stood on the trailer till late in the evening quiet as a church mouse. I spent the entire week after that beaming with pride. While we still have our ups and downs, I love Tee with every fiber of my being and I can’t wait to see how far she’ll go in life.