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Retiring Racehorses need a hero. Hold a fundraiser and be one today!

If you are a passionate animal lover, consider fundraising to help support Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. The financial assistance you provide could mean life or death for horses in need of rest, rehabilitation and retraining to enjoy a new and happy life.

There are so many ways to help.  Here are just a few ideas of fundraisers you can hold to help the horses!

A Day of Giving 

To demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference, ask fundraisers to give up a daily beverage or meal and donate the money to a Thoroughbred Placement Resources. Intensify the appeal by asking supporters to participate for a certain number of days or encouraging them to meet a personal fundraising goal.

House Party

Invite supporters, their friends and family to your charitable house party, which you can fix around a certain holiday or event such as Kentucky Derby Day or Rolex Three Day Event. Incentivize donations by offering prizes for different levels of sponsorship, like unique party favors.

Craft Sales

Gather talented friends and family members to help create and sell your crafts, whether they are bracelets, buttons, keychains, or equestrian oriented wares.

Themed Pub Crawl

A pub crawl can be a great way to put a philanthropic twist on a Saturday night. The basic idea is a group gathers at a starting point, then travel from bar to bar spending a set time in each establishment, partaking of their beverages. Charge a fee for people to participate in the crawl, get people to dress up, and have participants earn sponsorships for each bar they make it to.  Typically this is an adult-only fundraiser.  This event is one that offers a multitude of variations on a theme to keep even teetotalers engaged and giving to your cause.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Group of at least 10 to 20 pub crawlers
Designated driver(s) to provide safe transportation home to over indulgers Local drinking establishments that’ll accommodate your group (ask about discounts)
Pub Crawl itinerary and map
Survival gear. Including water bottles, aspirin and a first aid kit for any unexpected mishaps

Your organization may want to consider renting a party bus to safely carry your crawlers from spot to spot, but, if there are enough local drinking holes available, walking will do just fine. Here’s a hint – start with the pub that’s furthest from the end point of your crawl.

There are a number of options for raising money with a pub crawl including selling tickets to join the crawl using a mobile-friendly order form, holding a 50/50 raffle, selling t-shirts and other merchandise to commemorate the event and even corporate sponsorship.

Your crawl can be even more fun when you make it a themed fundraising event such as a Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Rolex Three Day Event or any Equestrian theme.  There are so many options, here are just a few:  Zombie Pub Crawl, Superhero Bar Crawl, Pirate Pub Crawl, Crazy Hats Crawl, Beach Bash Bar Crawl, Lumberjack Crawl, Pilgrims and Indians Crawl, Masquerade Party, Nineties ThemeCinco de Mayo, Great Gatsby Crawl, 12 Bars of Christmas, Santa Claus Crawl,,,  Don’t forget to document your amazing crawl with photos and videos to can on your social media pages. Try having your designated driver live stream the event on Facebook Live to entertain supporters unable to crawl with you. During your broadcast remember to give the audience a fundraising campaign keyword and shortcode they can text to donate so they too can participate in supporting your mission and help you reach your goals.  Non-drinkers can also support your cause and enjoy a good pub crawl by ordering non-alcoholic beverages or “mocktails”, traditional drinks minus the alcohol, or the old standbys, a Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers.

Car Wash 

A fun afternoon of making a difference by working at the car wash.

Yard Sale

Gather some friends and start collecting all those unwanted items in search of a new owner. It’s a great way to clear the clutter and create change! Here’s what you’ll need: Rummage item donation sign-up Location for your yard sale
Volunteer salesperson form, Mobile marketing and event signage, Mobile swiper and integrated app for secure credit card payment processing.  Use mobile messaging to let supporters know about the sale and then designate a drop-off location or share your mobile-first item donation sign-up form so donors can request a pick-up. This is also a great time to start taking volunteer information through a digital form so you can easily access and organize information.

Then it’s time to collect, sort & price donated items for the sale. Check items over for stains, broken/missing pieces and personal items that may have accidentally been left behind (money, receipts, etc.).

Promote the sale throughout your community using your social media channels, Craigslist, community event posting sites, newspaper ads, Penny Savers and printed flyers in local businesses. Don’t forget to hang signs that effectively direct traffic to your sale.

On the day of the sale, have volunteer salespeople ready to display items on racks and tables. Organized items are easier for shoppers to see all the items and make purchasing decisions. With a mobile credit card swiper, integrated fundraising app and any mobile device you’ll be able to securely accept credit payments all day long!

Cupcake Wars Fundraiser

Here’s what your nonprofit needs:

Master baking teams’ & judges’ crowdfunding pages, Viewer ticketing form, Prizes, Mobile swiper and integrated app for concessions payment processing, Venue with ovens & kitchen space (or have contestants pre-bake cupcakes, then make frosting and other goodies they can use to decorate their entries during competition) Before the event, promote your keyword & shortcode and sign-up link supporters can use to crowdfund for the chance to be an official judge.

In addition to judging and elimination rounds to determine the winner of the ultimate cupcake war, have baking teams crowdfund before and during the event in lieu of votes. Ask teams to sell tickets to family and friends for the event with a minimum donation on their page and a RSVP option on the form. A reward can be given to the team with the most donors or highest donation total.

Your nonprofit organization can easily create a branded form to sell tickets to the general public for the delectable event.

Since the sweet smells of the baking goodies will leave the crowds hungry, be sure to offer concession items, coffee, beverages and cupcakes (of course) for sale. A credit card swiper and integrated fundraising app will instantly turn any mobile device into a digital register.

Games Night Fundraiser

 A family-friendly version of the popular Vegas-style casino fundraising event that kids of all ages will enjoy! Here’s what you need:  Board games, decks of cards and/or trivia questions (donated or borrowed from volunteers), Admission or ticketing registration, Competition entry form, Volunteer scorekeepers, Mobile swiper and integrated app for bake sale, concessions and raffle sales

Advertise with a quick mobile message to current supporters in your database, across your social media channels and in community centers, schools, bookstores, businesses, and restaurants. Including a link, QR code and or keyword with shortcode instructions will instantly put your mobile-friendly donation/ticketing form in the hands of anyone interested in your event.

Enlist volunteer scorekeepers and concession stand bakers/sellers. A mobile fundraising app and integrated swiper cab turn anyone’s smartphone into a POS sales system – perfect for concession sales.

Game nights are great recurring fundraisers for nonprofits that can easily turn into regularly held competitive gaming rounds. Another way to go would be to make your games night fundraising event 100% digital by hosting a video game tournament.

Duct Tape the Trainer, Jockey or Rider to the Wall

Duct taping someone to a wall is a fun way to raise funds for the horses. It also helps the trainer, jockey or rider show their silly side while calling attention to a need for financial support.  A great twist would be to get a top rider or trainer during Preakness to participate but it would have to be one who had a huge sense of humor.  Even a past winning rider or trainer of the Preakness would work.  I hope you can see where I’m going.  It could be the Derby, Rolex or even some other big race or event.

Here’s what you’ll need:  An authority figure with a big sense of humor, Sturdy step stool, Volunteers to get the tape-sticking process started, 5-10 rolls of duct tape in different colors/patterns to make the finished product a work of art, Open wall space that won’t be damaged by the tape, Painter’s coveralls, A fan and cold water

Start by having the intended taped victim wear the painters coveralls to protect their clothes. Since it gets warm under the tape, they may want to wear a cool tee shirt and shorts underneath to stay as cool as possible during the taping. That’s also the reason to have a fan and cool water standing by so you can keep your principal comfortable during the fundraising stunt.

Have the “victiem: stand on the stool in front of your open wall space and start taping. You can let donors have the honor of taping the victim or you can designate an official “taper” who will do all of the duct taping throughout the event.  Once you’re sure there’s enough tape to hold your”fearless leader”, carefully remove the step stool and admire your duct tape masterpiece!

Record the event so you can add the video to a mobile-friendly fundraising form you can use after your event to share with parents and other supporters outside of school via email and social media. They’ll love to see your principal’s commitment to doing everything it takes to raise money for the school and be encouraged to help with additional donations.

50/50 Raffle

The first step in planning a 50/50 raffle is to check your local and state laws to verify that this type of fundraiser is permitted in your area.  If you have the green light, then get ready for a fundraising event idea that is fun, fast and easy.  Either hold it yourself or approach community businesses—such as theaters, music venues, and sporting events that generate a lively crowd—to hold it for you.

Here’s what your nonprofit needs:

Raffle tickets. You can typically find these at your local party supply store. Make sure to get the kind that is double-rolled, with pairs of tickets displaying the same numbers—one to get tossed into a container for the drawing and the other for the lucky buyer to keep.
A bucket, bowl, hat, fishbowl or other large container.
Mobile swiper and integrated app for collecting ticket purchases via credit card, because not everyone carries cash these days.

Here’s how it works:

Supporters purchase raffle tickets (usually $1, $5, or $10 each, or in bundled packs like five $5 tickets for a discounted price of $20).
They write their name and mobile number on the back side of the ticket they’re going to toss into the drawing.
The winning ticket number is drawn after ticket sales close with the winner splitting the net proceeds 50/50 with the organization.
Encourage supporters to opt into mobile messaging to be notified of the lucky winner too!

You can increase the number of raffle tickets sold by letting supporters know they don’t have to be present to collect their prize because you can contact them via text message on their mobile phones to let them know they’ve won.


We got these ideas from Mobile Cause.  MobileCause provides mobile and online fundraising solutions for a new generation of donors with end-to-end digital fundraising software that is easy, fast, flexible and built exclusively for nonprofits.  You can visit their page to see 70 Fundriasing Ideas!