We only have until the end of the month – next week to find Sarge a home.

“My father has suffered an unexpected catastrophic health event that is forcing him to be placed in an assisted living facility permanently until he passes.  This is forcing us to find a home for his Quarter Horse gelding.  No one in the family can afford his board and upkeep (no matter how much I love him, I can’t afford him). I am legally blind and he packs me around on the trails like a champ. I am being told by the family member that handles our parents’ finances that Sarge needs to be placed by the end of the month because his board money is needed to help pay for Dad’s care.”

We’ve known Sarge since he was a 2 year old and Pop was given him at age 4 so…..I know Sarge. He is our boy; my best friend. Makes all of this even harder to cope with.

Sarge is a 25 or 26 year old 16h sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. He is 16 hands tall and is a great trail horse, very calm and sensible. He’ll cross water and mud with no argument. He stands quietly for grooming, tacking, mounting, vet, blacksmith, dentist, blanketing. He loads and trailers well.

Ridability:  He is GREAT on the trails; he’ll cross water and mud with out any question, navigate over logs and obstructions without rushing through it..he thinks his way through.  You can drag branches, tarps, tires, etc behind him and he doesn’t react.  I’ve only seen him/been on him with a spook 3 times in the 24 years we’ve known him and he calms right down and you can read the thought cloud above his head that says, “I wasted my energy on THAT?  Geez….how embarrassing.”  We’ve also done some trail challenge obstacles at home and he really likes it.

Clowning around!

Medical: Heaves but, he isn’t at the point where he is coughing. At rest, his breathing is labored. Heat and humidity make it much worse. I give him a supplement from Valley Vet that was formulated with heaves in mind but, it is just a supplement not a medication. I like to think it is helping him.

Sarge is located at Flying K Farm in Harford County, Maryland. You must be qualified to adopt him. Please, email me at [email protected] for more information.