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Without the generous support of our donors, Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. could not exist to help retired racehorses find new lives when their careers end.  We thank each and every person who supports us.   If you are interested in making a Memorial Donation or giving the gift of a donation In Honor of that special someone two legged or four, please email us at [email protected] to find out more.


  • ~A donation was made and dedicated to Dr. Brian Emerson & Mr. Chris Lorence
  • This donation was made by Patricia Lehman in honor of all the horses TPR had helped.
  • In the memory of Lorraine Markish – Donation by Lindsay and Randy Ringgold
  • In the honor of Billy Croll – Donation by Patricia Turner
  • In the memory of June W. Johnson – Donation by Katie Helene
  • In the memory of Larry Cavallaro – Donation by Jeralynn Benner
  • In the memory of Larry Cavallaro -Donation by Daniel Schnell
  • In the memory of Larry Cavallaro – Donation by AJ McDowell
  • In the memory of Larry Cavallaro – Donation by Kathleen Thomas
  • In the Memory of Robert M. Watkins – Donation made by Amy and Steve Mann
  • In loving memory of Robert M. Watkins, Jr. – Donation made by Lisa Goheen
  • We Thank SFC Ronald C. Bingham (RET.) for his donation to help retiring racehorses in the memory of MSG Debra R. Bingham (RET.).
  • In the Memory of Robert Watkins – Donation made by Julie A. Schejbal
  • A donation was made by Jessica Danielo to honor her OTTB Ziggy. The horses at TPR thank you both!
  • A donation was made honoring Lestat the Cat by Jennifer Meacham
  • This Donation is made in the loving memory of Minta Steinberger and her lovely horse Shannon, who Minta never forgot.
  • In Honor of The 22
    The 22 Veterans that commit suicide everyday as a result of mental health issues! #22 and In memory of your twin sister Mary Crews. My prayers go out to your entire family! May her soul rest in peace. If you need anything please remember you have family in the DC area. Kari and I will be here to support you in any way you need. Manny Salazar
  • In the honor of Magic Roland
    Kate Niner has made a donation and dedicated it to Magic Roland
  • To honor the memory of Robert W. Lebling and Round the Bend Farm – Donation made by Michelle and Charles Camp
  • Where's Bob
    A donation has been made to TPR in the memory of Where’s Bob for Kate and Dennis
  • Wild Lies, Trusted Partner, I miss you man.
  • In Honor of Ivanhoe
    This Donation is made in honor of the memory of Ivanhoe by Hannah Jett. Ivanhoe was a loving family member and wonderful horse.
  • Dusty
    Aaron Comenetz has made a donation in honor of the wonderful Dusty the Horse