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TPR Newsletter – Summer 2014

Updates on the work we have done because of the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

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Summer 2014
Your Support at Work


As “Soldier”  stood on the line at the auction in New Holland, he wondered how he had gotten there.  Frightened and alone, he did everything asked of him, even being ridden through the auction – he never took a wrong step. Somehow he knew he was in trouble – this wasn’t a good place to be.  “Soldier” didn’t know what was going to happen, but it was obvious by his “battle scars” he’d been through a lot.  As luck would have it, someone bought him and got him out of there.  Now he was on a farm, with a friend and he was safe – right?

The reality was that Soldier was living on borrowed time and he didn’t even know it.  Once the new owners discovered that Soldier had vision issues in both eyes, they didn’t want him.  If a home weren’t found for him soon, he would be sent back to the sale to try his luck again with the kill buyers.  Soldier’s need was urgent, but available TPR funds  had already been devoted to horses like Mint, Midnight, and Sharon. One of the saddest things about our work is that there is always another – and another.  However, TPR sprang into action getting the work out about Soldier through social media, eblasts and word of mouth. 

Miraculously, Noelle Oldsen contacted us not only wanted to help Soldier, but also because she and her husband Eric really wanted this boy!  In Noelle’s own words, “Eric is a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD.  Solider is now Eric’s horse….and he seemed to know that from the beginning.  Even in teh pitch black night, he stepped off the trailer and into strange surrounding and allowed Eric to lead him ointo his new stall.  It was clear the two had bonded immediately.  As Eric said, “Soldier is perfect, and I don’t care what’s wrong with him.  We’ll fix him up and love him as long as allowed.


Rocky Times and Katie Frei Represent!
 Because Of You, He is in the Right Hands
  Katie Frie and “Houdini” at Rolex Kentucky 4* Three Day Event.
Some retired racehorses are so athletic, so high strung and reactive that only the advance rider is a good fit.  This isn’t a problem so long as the horse gets into the right hands.  Rocky Times is one of those “high strung Thoroughbreds,” but lucky for him he got into the right hands so his hyper-re-activeness proved to be a great asset in his new career of Three Day Eventing.
Rocky Times wasn’t much of a racehorse, but once he got into the hands of Katie Frei, he became an incredible success as a Three-Day Eventer.  “Houdini,” as Katie calls him, has risen to the top of his second career, successfully completing his first 4 Star Event at Rolex Kentucky, this year—the top level of difficulty in the eventing world.

It is because of the funds we receive from donors like you that horses like Rocky Times which were once less than mediocre can—in the right hand—rise to stardom in a second career. You make it possible for us to get race horses  into the best possible hands.  Our having such latitude allows each graduate from TPR  to find his best career and eventually become ambassadors for the Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are bred to enhance their athleticism  and when the  most athletic fall into the right hands,  they are destined for great things—just like Rocky Times who was matched with a rider who could showcase his talents.

***Winning in top competition increases the value of OTTB’s,  and as Kimberly Clark explains, “Increasing their value is key to ensuring a safe future for retired racehorses.”***





New GoodHorse.org
 Our New Website to Better Serve You and the Horses
 Thoroughbred Placement Resources has completed work on our new website.  We invite you to check it out and share it.  The redesign was done to make it even easier for you to help us help these wonderful horses
We would love your input and suggestions so that we can  develop it into a premiere aftercare website.

Kimberly Godwin Clark, TPR Executive Director  is the creator of the website. She worked under the guidance of Randy Scott who donated all of his time and skills to consult with and instruct Clark.  “Since we try to keep all  of our funds going directly to the horses, I have to wear many hats and learn skills I never dreamed I wanted to master!”  Clark said of building the website.



“If I hadn’t had the help of Randy Scott, I’d still be struggling to get the fundamentals done; instead we have a site that looks like a professional built it.”
We are also launching the first in a series of video segments based on the retraining manual, New Track, New Life, written by. Clark in order to help those people who have or wish to have a retired racehorse.  They are offered free in order to reach as many people as possible.  They could not have been created if not for the work of Christopher Smith who donated his incredible talents to the project. 

The first segments, —”Feeding for Health and Calmness” cover the feeding program TPR and Leighton Farm use.  You can see these segments soon by going to the TPR website and checking out New Track, New Life.

You can also see Christopher’s other work by going to www.chris-smith.net

The Maryland Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show
Donor Gifts Make Dreams Come True!


The Maryland Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show to benefit TPR was again a wonderful success! It not only attracted competitors  from Maryland, but also many riders from Virginia and Pennsylvania, and this year there were two rings, a hunter ring and a jumper ring. Next year…maybe a dressage ring?! (We need to hear from you!)

The show was a good fundraiser, but more than that it was a good way to highlight the progress being made by people who have bought and retrained a horse from the track and have  put them into new careers.


 Since this year’s show was open to all breeds, OTTB lovers had the opportunity to see how their projects would fare in open competition.  Needless to say the Thoroughbreds ruled the day!

The venue is perfect (the covered rings at the Showplace arena—thank you Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission for building this great facility); the courses challenging but fair (kudos to David….); the weather was perfect, but the very best asset were the volunteers.  TPR is very lucky to have the best volunteers in the world!

The show was planned, put together and run by people who have full time jobs, families, and a full array of personal commitments, but who are dedicated to  giving the OTTB a second chance in life.  The success of TPR rests on the shoulders of our devoted volunteers, and this competition was just one example of the extent of their devotion…We need to give a HUGE shout-out of thanks to these great people.   THANKS! And BTW, please remember that TPR can always use more able bodied hands…and especially “ able brains”–we  welcome anyone who would like to volunteer at  TPR  and help the OTTBs horses…Give it a try!





Benediction For Stormin Hot
 A True Gift Made Possible by Donor Gifts



“I still can’t really believe Bene is mine. I was just out letting him graze yesterday, and was sitting in the grass next to him, and couldn’t wrap my head around the fact I had a horse- much less one as amazing as him.  

 Erin Flannery and her mom came all the way from North Carolina to volunteer and support TPR.  They adopted Stormin’ Hot from us last year.  He is Erin’s first horse and a dream come true.  What follows is something she wrote in her own words about what having “Bene” had meant to her and her family.My family adores him, and I fight a losing battle every time I try to convince mom there is such a thing as too many treats. They enjoy watching me and him improve together, and just spending time with out at the barn with us.

Having a horse has given my family something we can spend time on together, which can be hard to accomplish with our schedules. I was extremely lucky that my dad found Kim’s website, she introduced me to Bene and was ultimately one of the people responsible for giving me a “dream come true.”

Having Bene has been a blessing (hence the name My Benediction.) I’ve learned so many new things, both in and out of the ring. He has made me a better rider, and I learn more about him everyday (like the fact that he hates peanut butter sandwiches, and loves poptarts.) “








Our Deepest Thanks
 Without The Support of These Organizations Our Work Could Not Continue



“We are so honored to have received the Rescuing Racers Initiative Grant from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, as well as grants from the Thoroughbred Charities of America, Blue Horse Charities and the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation” said Kimberly Clark, the founder of TPR.
Awardees of the ASPCA Million Dollar Rescuing Racers Initiative, which was begun in 2010 through the generosity of an anonymous donor, must demonstrate participation in the rehabilitation and adoption of retired racehorses, be in good standing with the ASPCA and be located in the United States.  According to the ASPCA Web site, the grants have been distributed since 2010 to a variety of 501(c) (3) equine rescues and sanctuaries in order to help each of the groups increase capacity, rescue more horses and further advance their missions.
Thoroughbred Charities of America, which has given over 20 million dollars to 200 Thoroughbred charities since 1990, states on its Web site that grant recipients must “work to uphold TCA’s mission of providing a better life for Thoroughbreds both during and after their racing careers and by supporting retirement, rescue and research and by helping the people who work with them.”  TPR achieves this by taking in an average of 35 horses annually.  Each horse receives basic care, including vaccinations, coggins, blacksmith and dental care, in addition to boarding.  The horses are retrained over a 90-day period.  Although all of the training and riding time is donated by Leighton Farm, the home of TPR, the cost of the 90-day retraining program is approximately $2,120 per horse.  Upon completion of the retraining, horses are adopted by qualified homes and the adoption fees are placed back into the program.
According to their Web site, “Blue Horse Charities was formed in 2001 to assist those providing a humane solution for Thoroughbreds no longer suitable for breeding or racing.”  Blue Horse Charities focuses on helping organizations who keep horses out of slaughter houses and who raise awareness of this problem.
The Maryland Horse Industry Foundation (MHIF) was chartered in 1988 by the Maryland Horse Breeders Association (MHBA) to serve various educational and charitable needs of the Maryland horse industry.  Foundation projects include:  maintenance and expansion of the MHBA reference and research library, assistance to programs that support the aftercare and retraining of Thoroughbreds after they have retired from racing, support for scientific and veterinary research, and special grants for a variety of related causes to the Maryland horse industry.

Thoroughbred Placement Resources has been designated as the Rusty & Ashley Holzer Horse Whisperer Grant Recipient for 2014.  Horse Whisperers is the Equus Foundation’s named grant program for a special group of people and organizations with an extraordinary kinship with horses. The program is for donors who are inspired by the magical and powerful impact horses have on our lives.

The Equus Foundation Board of Directors designates those charities deemed most worthy of grants each year as Horse Whisperer Grant recipients.  TPR is one of only 13 to receive this honor in 2014.





For information about the ASPCA’s equine programs, visit: http://www.aspcapro.org/aspca-equine-fund.php




For more information about Thoroughbred Charities of America, visit:   http://www.tca.org/index.html

For more information about Blue Horse Charities, visit:  http://marylandthoroughbred.com/


For more information about The Maryland Horse Industry Foundation, visit: http://marylandthoroughbred.com/









For more information about The Equus Foundation, visit: http://www.equusfoundation.org/