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Upcoming Clinics at Leighton Farm!

Kimberly Godwin Clark, founder of TPR, Inc., counsels, consults and teaches owners and trainers how to successfully transition and retrain retired Thoroughbred race horses. 

  Clark’s training techniques are proactive, using the horses’ previous experiences as a springboard to teach them the skills need to be integrated into a new life off the track.

Clark hosts a clinic series at Leighton Farm to teach horsemen how to better understand and train retired Thoroughbred racehorses  .
She has written an online book, “New Track, New Life” which explains the foundation all racehorses have – the knowledge and skills they acquire at the track and how to transition and retrain them. It is available free to the public on the goodhorse.org website.

You have the horse and he has the skills to be ridden and handled as a racehorse and now you want to transition them into pleasure or show riding skills.  Or maybe you have some questions or issues you want to learn about. Come to Leighton Farm on one of the scheduled dates.  Horses in training here,  will be used to demonstrate techniques needed to successfully transition and provide a solid foundation for any discipline.  You can use these same techniques to give your horse the solid foundation he needs to prosper in his new discipline.  Topics covered will be Behavior Modification, Proper Longeing for the ex-racer, Leading Do’s and Don’ts, Introducing cross ties, Mounting and basics of initial rides. Discussion will also include turn out and a solid feeding program. We hope you will make a donation to TPR but we are offering these clinics free of charge.

Scheduled dates are:

Sunday May 24, 2015, Sunday, July 26, 2015 and Sunday, September 20, 2015

All clinics begin at 10 am.

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Kindly fill out this form and mail it to us or bring it with you to the clinic!