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Wheresmokethrsfire – found his home November 2019!

Beautiful inside and out – Wheresmokethrsfire

Smokie has a heart of gold. He’s a giant Teddy Bear and I wish I had more time to ride, train and compete him but I’m only one person and it’s past time for Smokie to find his very own human to love and adore him.

This wonderful boy stands 17.2 hands and is 11 years old. He has no vices or soundness issues. The only thing he does that I know of is get cranky when you tighten the girth like many ex-racers. I just tell him to cut it out and he does. He is good to turn out with others and easy to work around.

George Morris rode Smokie and when he got off, he exclaimed “You’ve got a Rolls Royce!”

Smokie was very lucky to have race owner/trainers who protected his welfare first and foremost. After leaving racing, he was sold and competed in hunters. Kimberly Godwin Clark, head trainer at Leighton Farm has had him in front of Linda Zang, Joe Fargis, Jim Wofford, George Morris and Janet Foy. He was ridden under the guidance of Fargis for a year, competed at Upperville and the Piedmont Classic among other recognized shows. Just this year he participated in a Janet Foy clinic, click here for video. He also participated in a George Morris Clinic at the end of 2017 as well as working with Jim Wofford winter 2018. Click here to read about him in our newsletter.

This is what he’s like at a horse show – easy going and fun.

Smokie has been shown in both Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage. I wish I had the time and funding to continue his education but more horses keep coming and in addition I’d like to have time for my own horse! When Z retired from racing, I had less time to get Smokie off the farm so in June I sent him to Beth DeStanley in Middleburg to show him in the hunters. She is the rider in all of the jump videos. She took him to Warrenton and Sandstone Farm primarily where he won a lot and was Champion or Reserve in almost all his efforts.

With his unflappable temperament and good looks, I don’t think there is anything Smokie couldn’t do but I would love to see him as a dressage horse or hunter. He deserves the good life and I know he will return the love and good care he receives with kindness and cooperation.

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Smokie is offered to a qualified home for $10,000 to Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charity. He is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.