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Birdie and Wills – A Special Bond



Birdie and Wills came to TPR separately, with the hope they would be retrained and find new lives as riding and sport horses, but this was not to be.  Birdie who raced and then was trained to event was horribly abused before coming to TPR.  He just could never get beyond the defensiveness.  Although we gave him extensive training, he was not able to overcome the abuse.  He is kind and loving but is not a good riding horse.  He isn’t dangerous, just uptight and therefore pretty miserable to ride. Wills is a very insecure horse.  He was bred to be a top racehorse and got all of the re-activeness that breeding for flight can produce, however he is not a brave horse.  He believes you run from danger and ask questions later.  Wills received a lot of training after his very short race career ended.  He competed in a horse trial and was jumping training level fences when his behavior changed drastically.  We found he was suffering from epm and treated him very aggressively.  This condition further depleted his extremely fragile confidence.  We gave him time and eventually he became a dressage horse, even competing in one recognized show where he did quite well at training level.  The next year his movement was uneven at times and although we spent quite a bit of resources on diagnostics, we were never able to find the cause.  By this time he was 9, difficult to ride and we finally decided to retire him from training – not that it’s final.  I may try him again if I have a period where there is time.  After all, he’s here and very healthy. 

There came a time when Wills and Birdie were tried together in turn out.  Birdie has always had a difficult time with other horses.  He normally ends up being ostracized although he desperately wants to have friends.  Wills is insecure and worries often.  Putting these two together has been amazing.  They have formed an incredible bond and together, they feel safe and are very happy.    While we do turn other horses out with them, we keep them in the same field.  Often you will see them both laying down side by side.  If there is a disturbance, they both trot and stop in tandem to look.  They depend on each other. 

We would like to keep these two horses together because they truly need each other.   Studies show that horses form life long relationships and Birdie and Wills are proof of this.  We hope to either raise the funds to pay for their care or find them a home where they can stay together and their owners can enjoy the special bond these two sweet horses have. 

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Retired Thoroughbred Racehorse Two Punch Willy



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