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Zorro D’Oro

March 2009 – Zorro D’Oro December 8, 2009 – HI Kim

I last contacted you in July/August on behalf of my trainer to inquire about one of your horses.

Thanks to you and your wonderful work, I have been, for the last four months, the proud and very lucky godmother of an equine angel named Zorro D’oro. He is the star of the barn and the absolute love of his owner, Nancy Stillman’s life. Zorro is the sweetest, handsomest and most elegant gelding around – he is perfect (Oh yeah, except for that stall – he hides poop everywhere). He has the best attitude about everything and always tries to please. I am heaping these compliments on Zorro at my own peril from my very jealous equine partner (she is too independent to have an “owner”), the worlds best OTTB Mare who lives right across the aisle from Zorro.

This fall, I was excited to find the beautiful beaded browbands you offered on you website to benefit Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue. I had planned to order one for Zorro an one for my mare, but, being the procrastinator that I am, I delayed ordering them. When I finally got my act together, I could no longer find them and have not seen them on you website for awhile now. Are they gone for good? They are just beautiful.

I am on you website quite often and have fallen in love with every horse that you have showcased. You do a fantastic job in presenting a very clear picture of the horses, in photos, text and video and to top it off, if Zorro is any indication, you deliver such well mannered, well educated, obviously well cared for and content horses. If I did not live in an area where horses (and places to keep them) were so rare, I would love to bring them all home. I get so much pleasure out of logging on to your site and seeing the words “Found a Home” or “Sold” under the name of a horse – especially the ones I have been worried about. You are such a Godsend to the horse world for all of the great work that you are doing to put these great horses together with their new partners and new lives.

I also love to read about your adventures with Birdie and your work with Jimmy and Elizabeth – two of the really greatest ever. Reading about your decision to keep “Willie the Wonder Horse” put a real lump in my throat – he really wanted to be yours. I wish you all of the success (joy) in the world. Please keep up the good work. There are a lot of us out here who so admire you.

I want to wish you and everyone at Leighton Farm – both human and equine – a wonderful Christmas season and let you know that you, your horses, and the staff of Leighton Farm, as well as the owners and trainers you work with, were tops on my list of those to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

All my best


and a great big “HI” from Zorro